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RE: Demystifying HIVE: It's all about the Money, the Money...

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Thanks for this, Got my buddy who onboarded me to explain a lot of this stuff but seeing it written down has helped.

Shit I thought this platform was a cash cow... I do have to say as a newcomer this article was helpful, and informative. Still gonna split HBD between HIVE and HP powerup cause... well Who doesn't Like to HODL?

So think I'll stick around for a while and keep learning about crypto, I also I like being a part of the community here.

Next figuring out the tokens on here...

As requested I upvoted, commented, can't do the others yet cause haven't figured those out.

Have a good one!


You look to be doing OK, there's a large barrier to break through when you start. It repels a lot and they leave. Keep going. !WINE

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Thanks for that, Like I said I had a good teacher hold my hand and prevent me from making too many stupid mistakes. Otherwise aside from that, its been a learning curve but fun. Hopefully more and more people will join up and get past the initial hurdles. Its good to see so many How to posts popping up.