All you need is staked WORKERBEE to vote for Hive-Engine Witness.

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All you need is staked WORKERBEE to vote for Hive-Engine Witness.

We all know that Hive-Engine is now decentralized and we can now vote for the "witness" in Hive-Engine but little user know that they need staked "WORKERBEE" to have some "wieght" on their vote. I also see that users here keep confusing about "WorkerBEE" and "BEE".
Simple difference is "WorkerBEE" is miner token that mines BEE. WorkerBee is the governance token of Hive-Engine while BEE has different usecase and it's more related with tribe's functioning/updates.


Once you have staked WorkerBEE then your vote have same weight that is equivalent to amount of WorkerBee staked.
You can vote for Hive-Engine witness at any one of the below location.


Currently I have 100 staked WorkerBEE that I delegated to @ph1102

Why I delegated to ph1102?

  1. My choice of Hive-Engine witness is same as him, I also like to vote for @clicktrackprofit (CTP tribe.), @sportswitness (Sportstalksocial/SPORTS tribe) and @thelogicaldude (Hivelist + hivehustler tribe.)
  2. Having couple of hundreds of WorkerBee do not generate any rewards, so by delegating it to the ph1102 pool (you can read it here users are getting rewards for even 1 WorkerBEE delegated + additional rewards on SIM.

I am not advising you to vote on same way as I vote but it is more about to explain how "WorkerBee" works and how you can get rewarded for having staked WorkerBee.

I hope you will like to take part in Hive-Engine witness and strengthening the Hive second layer.

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Please feel free to upvote ,comment and reblog.

PS: DYOR, this is not a financial advice.

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Thanks for the shoutout, @saachi!
Personally, I'm buying and staking WORKERBEE tokens because of the potential that all this De-Fi stuff is coming more and more to Hive (to be more exact, on Hive-Engine)... WORKERBEEs are miners, and they mine BEE tokens that have been burnt when people pay fees for creating tribes, tokens, and the newly created diesel pools...

But, it is important to say that you need more than a couple of hundreds of staked WORKERBEEs to get regular rewards in BEE... As a lot of people don't have that money to invest, I have created that pool where we split rewards...

As an incentive, I'm adding some bonus rewards (from my personal earnings) every week... The past week they were CTP tokens, this week SIM, and we will see what will be the next one :)

Cheers and thanks again!


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Nice I miss the post but now know the working of pool.... thanks

You are welcome! Thanks for checking out... ;)


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Thanks for adding up for the usecase of BEE. Diesel pools can really fuel the growth of Hive-Engine.

Workerbee Pool will help everyone with DCA and continuously getting "mining" benefits. I will say this look perfect time to jump in for WorkerBEE and earn BEE instead of looking from sidelines. I am really excited to see how it unfolds in the future .


I had some bad investment decisions before, but I think that this one will not be one of them... The potential is huge, and I hope that we, as an early investors, will benefit the most... ;)

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Thanks for that post! If you support Hivelist, HiveHustlers, or Weedcash, the go shoot a vote for @thelogicaldude!

Yeah.. All the work in Hive list and Hive hustler tribe will not go unnoticed.

Man I should really get workerbee, but right not there are so much stuff I want to accumulate more of :)

No issues, Small quantities can help in the pool.
But yeah there are so many nice thing to accumulate currently.

Nice explanation.....
I have only 1 workbee and I have staked the same and also upvoted for ctp witness..
Will try to purchase more...

Haha! More vote for our CTP witness then. But do check the witness of @thelogicaldude + plus if you delegate to pool you can get little BEE for it.

Thanks for the shoutout! Any witness votes are very much appreciated

Thank you for sharing this I was a bit confused on this aspect! Am looking to start my own node so all of this info really helps thank you 🙏

Thanks for your stopby.
If you want to setup upur node then might this post will be very helpful to you.

Thank you so much for that I'm compiling the resources now! !WINE

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