Buying LEO for LBI? May be Hive Engine will be cheap now.

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Actually keeping the tab on the Hive-engine token market is my favorite hobby. Though I am not in any way the market maker but I take advantage of the situation whenever market present to me.

For past few days , I noticed that users were buying LBI from the market (Hive-Engine) paying the premium. I do not know why users were buying LBI from market when LEO is listed cheaper in Hive-Engine then LBI and you can get LBI from @lbi-token by sending LEO to them.

But today, If you are buying LEO right now for LBI, then I can say you might find deal in HIve-engine because.


You need to shell out 2.199797 Hive for a LEO.

But for LBI


You will be shelling only 2.15 to 2.19 Hive for a pretty decent supply.

PS: I have no idea , how the charts will look when you will read this post but DYOR and do look for the price of LBI and LEO in Hive-engine if you are buying LEO in Hive-Engine for buying LBI. @lbi-token is still issuing LBI, so it also do not make sense for you to buy LBI in Hive-engine by paying a premium on LEO price.

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I am concentrating on Leo for the time being but yes LBI js also a good project...

yup, let take one front and conquer it.

Now Leo is upto 2.4 hiveand LBI at 2.2 hive so buy LBI. Leo announced an airdrop so price rising up. Anyways if LBI is bought airdrop will increase the LBI value....
Better buy soon.

Market keep changing constantly, just a few extra checks and you can really make a little money.

It is running while LEO is not so expensive. Soon it is past 3 HIVE and will not be back.

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Yup there was only 14k Leo sitting between 2hive and 10 hive.

Always good to take advantage of some opportunities. I believe that some people have benefited from this strategy :)

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There are few user who are changing swap.hive to LEO and sending LEO to buy LBI. This is mainly for them to check the price.

Even if you are earning LEO and let say you want LBI, If LEO Bid price is 2.42 and LBI ask price is 2.35, what is more beneficial? Sell your LEO for 2.42 and buy LBI at 2.35 instead of doing token transfer to lbi-token.

Only thing is, market keeps changing and so your strategy.