Journey towards road to 10K CTP : The final Countdown.

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When you have accomplished some 90% of goal that look tough to start with and in the end you find it that you might be going to hit it before your target deadline then it definitely become a moment to rejoice and it's become time to rework on your goal to get some new goal.


This immensely give me boost in CTP community because almost all of CTP I added is coming from the community support in form of upvotes and some nice chunk coming from @russellstockley giveaways too that is open to every member of Hive.

I owe this to the support from awesome community members all together that openly welcomed me in their community(Though I am not even a affiliate marketer that is niche of the community.)

I always believed in @jongolson capabilities and his motivating attitude. Not only Jon is crushing and achieving his personal goal but able to motivate the community for community goals too.

When in June when Jon put froth the idea of Dolphin Swarm and @achim03 went forward for tracking it the the very first post, I have again doubt that whether it will feasible till at the end of the year? Not only this goal is almost complete long back but we get one more ocra @sandymeyer supporting the swarm.

CTPSB (@ctpsb) project is also showing some nice growth, making some more than 50% APR for token holder and giving CTP to delegator for supporting it.

With Hivepay I am feeling that there is scope for lot of commerce activities in Hive and it will help in growth of CTP and other tribes too.

Putting My new goals here
So here are my new goals here.
25K CTP at end of 2021.
550 CTPSB at end of 2021.

Thanks for reading me. Please feel free to upvote ,reblog and comment.

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Thia is awesome friend....
This is because of your good works and ofcourse support from the committee is must...
Best of luck for youe next goal...
I Love CTP..

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Thanks Friend. best wishes are always needed.

Man I didn't have a goal of 10K but I do have a goal to stack 100 CTP this month

Let's start and engage. You will eventually reach there/

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Cool! you are an inspiration
This give me the confidence to set my goals 😀
Best of luck

Sure, Set your goals and track your goals progress from time to time.

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Nicley acumulated, full suport, lets hit this goals hahahah

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Thank you for stop by. Feeling confident for 25K now.

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May you reach your journey quickly!
How can I earn CTP?

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Use CTP tag in your post then you will get CTP too if voter have staked CTP in the wallet.

You can visit the tribe interface at
It niche is affiliate marketing but almost all type of blogs are accepted.

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Congratulations on 90%! :) And those are nice goals for the next year!

Wish you the best!

Thanks Zoltan.

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Congratulations on reaching 90%! It's such an amazing feeling, isn't it? :) To see the light at the end of that part of the race .... you can do it!

I like your goals & have confidence you will achieve them. :) Thank you for being a vital part of the community!🧡

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Thanks Jenn. Yup feels very amazing and accomplished.

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That's great work, @saachi! You're doing an awesome job! Reaching those milestones is very motivating and I am sure you will reach your next goals sooner than you think.

Thanks Lisa. feeling more confident and motivated.

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You're welcome, @saachi! Good to hear! Have a great weekend! 😀

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You are almost there! You will get these 10% in no time I'm sure :-). Thanks for the mention!

Thanks Achim.

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Hey @saachi, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

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