This HPUD I am contributing towards growth of CTP community.

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I have no idea from where to start but I guess all of you are now aware of the CTP community in Hive. May be you know it from very start or might it caught your attention after Hivepay or might you have noticed it after INDEX token or may be you have still missed it all and my post will make you aware if this community that exist in Hive.


So main accounts that you need to follow to understand and keep updated with CTP community are @clicktrackprofit and @jongolson and if you noticed community is coming with some kickass ideas for past few days.

Latest they released their roadmap and I can say it inspire confidence.


You can read the detailed post here

By any mean I am not saying you to go and buy CTP but I have full belief in this project and I am putting my bet on it. My current CTP (including delegation) in just crossed 15K CTP and I can say I am very happy for it.

Just like @leo.voter , CTP community also have @ctpsb account that usually upvote the CTP content. There are two ways to get benefitted by this project.

  1. ) Delegate your Hive power and get CTP tokens in lieu of delegation.
  2. ) Buy CTPSB token and see it value (Hive) grow everyday.

So in this HPUD , I purchased few CTPSB token so that it can be powered up in ctpsb account so that it can support authors more in CTP community.

Wishing you all a very Happy New year.

PS: DYOR is always strongly recommended and it is not a financial advice.

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I have no idea about the CTP token. But did manage to buy close to 2K CTP tokens. Currently, they arent staked but will be staking them sooner or later. with regards to Power Up day; I almost powerup all the HIVE and LEO tokens that I earn via curation and author rewards. cheers

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yeah, Powering up them is a very natural choice instead of keeping them idle.

Thanks a lot for promoting and for believing in this project!

Appreciate this very much! Thanks so much for all the amazing support of the CTP tribe!

i am so hyped for the ctp community and theri projects

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Look like we are in same boat.

CTP is awesome community very supportive...
CTPSB project is doing very good....
I believe in CTP too..

In same boat friend , In same boat.