Trying to consolidate my holding in Hive second layer. What about you?

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Look like development in Hive tribe or Hive second layer is in explosive phase. when I was last active in Hive 2 month ago ,Deisel pools, Cubfinance and Music for life tribe was launched .


I thought that I will not be surprised and will not have much to catch up but I am again surprised a new tribe Proof of Brain is trending and Vftlab has launched defi in Hive and created NFT token that can be sold in Atomic hub (WAX) and LBI has launched CL token (and many more things that I still need to catch up).

I guess before I can push for my existing goal, a new opportunity keep knocking in Hive.
It look good that Hive has now broad spectrum of activities to choose but in same time it also create some kind of FOMO. I am happy that it give me lot of opportunities to diversify without risking too much in a single project.

Since I was missing in action for last 2 month generating passive income look a top most priority as of now. Look like Defi is really going to suit the bill for me.
Even curation can be a passive income source but I do not rely fully on auto upvotes and do read the authors that I keep in auto upvotes.

I do hold nice amount of LEO( >7K), CTP (>20K ), (NEOXAG > 230K), SPORTS >(800K), LIST > 15K , PAL (> 2.5 K) and very minor shares in Archon and aeneas and splintertalk.
(Not to mention my game investment that include Splinterland, risingstar, Dcity and game like Exode and Hashking for which I have purchased starter pack but never played.)

I feel with already with this list I am not able to concentrate fully then how can I focus in new developments.

I also do not want to exit out and want to keep a little of each tribe if they might moon in future.

I guess I am little unsure if I should keep going on my stake more plan or stop and start try to focus on new development specially Defi and start fund mobilization from current projects to new one.

All of this is in Hive only and I was planning to get some exposure outside of Hive too but look like I will wait a little and let consolidate everything in HIVE efficiently and set a sail afterwards.

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From the size of your sakes in these tokens looks like you are an old player in hive community.
How DeFi is really booming these days and a lot of people are trying their luck. All these tribes are really creating some much panic as you want a little bit of everything as you never know what will moon in a few days.
I am trying to do the same.

Keep staking ,it helps in long time.

Its really good to see so big numbers in the tribe tokens like leo and sports. I could not figure out any #pob tokens in this post. Are you planning to buy some soon ?

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I will surely look into tokenomics of POB and will have some POB also. (I believe in keeping little of all.)

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