BROCoin - Do you Even $BRO Bro?

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Yes this is a shill post and I don't do them very often but I wanted to talk about this community and how to invest in this community.

$BRO is a limited coin that can be purchased over on Hive-Engine. It acts as an investment type coin for holders of $BRO and holders receive a number of different tokens. I was first pointed towards $BRO by @trumpman and @taskmaster4450.

After reading about the community and the passive earnings that could be gained, I decided to invest.

So what do you get for your $$$$?

The team, led by @raymondspeaks, has invested in a number of different layer 2 tokens on Hive-engine and some other tokens outside of that as well. Here are the investments that I know of:

$HIVE - currently 130k HP staked
$BLURT - Blurt community token
$WEEDM - Weedcash Token Miner
$WEEDMM - Weedcash Token Mega Miner
$PALM - Palnet Token Miner
$LEOM - LEO Token Miner
$LEOMM - LEO Token Mega Miner
$NEOXAG - Neoxian City Silver Token
STEMM - STEM Token Miner
ARCHON - Archon Token

Some tokens that they haven't looked at yet but might in the future include:

$SPORTS - Token for the Sports Talk community
$SPT - Splintertalk Token for the Splinterlands Community

I am sure there are other token the team are considering to continue to grow @Brofund.

Essentially, by just holding (no need to stake) you receive a comparative share of $HIVE and some other layer 2 tokens each day. Currently I am receiving some micro-payments of $LEO, $PAL and $NEOXAG each day in addition to $HIVE.

As they have a nice HP stake and some other large numbers of tokens staked, $BRO holders also receive upvotes.

Currently there are only 8000 $BRO tokens left for sale on Hive-Engine. They are going like hotcakes as people find out about this 'club'. Get them while they last.

Screen Shot 20201017 at 12.30.49 pm.png

The team have an active community and discord channel here:
Come in for a chat and receive some #Bromance!

Thanks for reading.

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It's not that much shillpost, but... :) hehehe

Anyways, maybe you can do a kind of report about your daily gains from $BRO investment? That would be nice to see... ;)

Not a bad idea. Stay posted!

oh you get upvotes? how? :D

By using the mancave tag I suppose.

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Ok good incentive thank you

Good to know!