Hive-Engine Token Movements

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There are a number of different tokens on Hive-Engine. This is an update post on price movements and possible reasons for these movements.


With all the news around the impending land pre-sale, it is not surprise that $DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) has made a move up towards the pegged price of 0.001c per DEC. As the pre-sale event is occurring on 7th November, buyers are accumulating hence the value increase.

Screen Shot 20201021 at 8.17.14 pm.png


This is the token of an alternative blogging platform to #HIVE. It has seen an increase over the past few days and is fluctuating at the moment with low liquidity.

Screen Shot 20201021 at 8.31.56 pm.png


$LEO has had a rise and fall in price. The wLEO hack had an impact on the price and it fell sharply before stabilising at around 1 HIVE/LEO.

Screen Shot 20201021 at 8.32.32 pm.png


The Palnet token has seen an increase in price recently with some nice wicks on some short candles. There are rumours of an announcement pending which could be a reason for the price increase.

Screen Shot 20201021 at 8.43.58 pm.png


The token of the WeedCash community has been holding up well in price. A few weeks ago saw a jump to it's current price level and this has been maintained.

Screen Shot 20201021 at 9.03.09 pm.png


A cheaper token for the SportsTalk community, the price has jumped dramatically in the past day (although with lower liquidity). I am not that active in this community so I am not sure of why the price increase.

Screen Shot 20201021 at 8.52.47 pm.png

There are many other tokens to look at and analyse. Most of the layer 2 tokens on Hive-Engine seem to be gaining in price and buyers are on the buy.

Thanks for reading.

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What's the reason for the WEED reprice?

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I don’t know why..... man!

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A lot of H-E tokens started to climb... Some of them with the obvious reason (DEC), and others not that much... We Will see if this momentum will be supported by development in those tribes that are pumping... I hope it will...


someone's been buying a lot of SPORTS to build stake, hence the market is moving :D

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