SplinterLand land Pre-sale - Worth the investment risk?

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There has been a lot of talk in the Splinterlands community about the future release of lands and what that will bring to the Splinterlands game.

From 7th November, there will be a land pre-sale conducted with significant discounts for people purchasing in the first round. You have an option to buy a plot, tract (100 plots) or a region (1000 plots). Buying tracts or regions brings with it some benefits that will be realised once the lands feature is released.

Will this investment be worthwhile? The costs of the land release pre-sale events is below:

The best currency for purchasing will probably be $DEC as this is the in game currency. At a cost of 10k DEC for a plot, 850k DEC for a Tract and 7.5 million for a region, quite a bit could be invested into this pre-sale to secure some land. My initial thoughts are that this will hopefully be a good opportunity to develop another source of passive income. I have enough cards to set about working on any purchased land but how much land am o willing to purchase. Any pre-sale event always has some inherent risk though I feel that this team is in it for the long haul and this will change the dynamics of the game and hopefully attract more players. Only time will tell over the next twelve months as this big change to the game rolls out.

What are you planning on investing? How are you accumulating the $DEC needed to fund your land grab?

Thanks for reading.

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I've been stacking for a while now to get a tract, keeping my eye on the DEC liquidity pool to make sure too much doesn't get drained away!

I think land will be a great investment for the future!

I haven't bought any new cards of any significant value for about 2 months, because of stacking so much!

Same for many other people I think, I mean look at the DEC price!

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Love your enthusiasm, but please refer to this post in regards to the Weedcash tribe.

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