$BRO Coin Changes - Brofund going places

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In a previous post of mine, I talked about $BRO coin and how holding this coin gave you returns in different other tokens. Recently changes were made to the daily dividends received to encompass more of the tokens held by the fund. The dividends of the following tokens are now payed out daily:

  • SIM
  • LEO
  • STEM
  • WEE
  • PAL
  • BEE

No longer do you receive daily HIVE payouts. The fund currently holds the following tokens with the value displayed in HIVE equivalent:

Leo: 63,922 Hive
Leom: 61,676 Hive
Workerbee: 16,220 Hive
ARCHONM: 13,200 Hive
SPI: 11,773 Hive
DEGEN: 8,413 Hive
DHEDGE: 8,146 Hive
STEMM: 5,063 Hive
PAL: 5,035 Hive
NEOXAG: 4,768 Hive
WEEDMM: 4,179 Hive
WEED: 3,709 Hive
Other HE coins: 9,205 Hive
Hive Power: 32,386 Hive

Offchain: 97,467 Hive
Blurt: 17,803 Hive

Id like to see $DEC and maybe $SPORTS added to this list.

Added up, and with the amount of tokens payed out daily, that equates to a value of around 7 HIVE/BRO. Currently you can pick up $BRO at 5 HIVE/BRO which is a nice discount. My prediction is that $BRO will continue to appreciate in value as the price and amount of these tokens continues to climb. I'm grabbing some as I can as I like the passive income. Take a look at the @brofund posts to make your own decision.

Thanks for reading.

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Hey scooter! I've looked at Dec and Sports - Dec I'd like to do, but there's no real way to mint it unless I play the game, and I haven't time for that! Sports, I don't know much about. I couldn't tell the difference between a copied post and an original. :)

Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!

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