$DEC on the Move - Land Expansion fuels Buying

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Dark Energy Crystals ($DEC) are the in-game currency for the Splinterlands game. Over the past few weeks there has been some interesting movements in the price of DEC and it is now approaching the 'PEG' price of 0.001 HIVE/DEC.

Screen Shot 20201030 at 9.43.56 pm.png

The lands expansion of this game is getting people quite excited and ready to pounce when released on 7th November. The first release of land will be 30,000 plots or 30 regions. The talk in the chat rooms is that this land will be quickly snatched up by buyers and there will not be enough to go around. However, there will be an additional two land releases occur before the land expansion is fully implemented so there will be some more opportunities to collect land.

To get the best out of your land you will need some cards to work the land so collect some cards as well.

I will be purchasing some land and am looking at it as a potential passive income source as my minions work the land. I am then hoping that there will be a market for potions and other things that can be produced from the land.

Looking forward to the future of the game!

Thanks for reading.

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This is crazy and the DEC price soon will reach the pegged price: 1000 DEC = 1$. The lands will change the game and will lay the foundation for what is to come so anyone who wants to be part of the future in this game it is now to act. I wonder what would happen with the players without a land, they will be like travelers without a home.

Big discounts on first level launch, let's see who will get the land and who will not.

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it's crazy to see how the price of DEC is reaching the peg. instant profits for those who bought a while back.
and really excited for what's in store with lands

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