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The WeedCash network layer 2 token is $WEED. It can be earnt through posting on the Weedcash Network and has a number of different uses. It can be traded against $EOS on the Newdex.io exchange, against $HIVE on the Hove-Engine.com exchange and can be spent in the WeedCash Store.

I like this token for what it represents and it's potential to grow so decided to invest in some $WEEDM miner tokens.

Initially I purchased 6 $WEEDM tokens for 4 Hive each = 24 Hive total ($2.64 based on current prices)

These 6 $WEEDM tokens are currently producing 5 x 0.14925 $WEED = 0.74625 $WEED in mining rewards per day. This equates to 272 $WEED per year = $3.49 based on current prices.

That equates to an APR of 132% which is a fantastic return at the moment. Yes, it is a small return in terms of $$ but better to start out investing small before investing more!

Now I will grab some more and increase my $WEEDM stake. Stay tuned to see what the returns will be from the next round of investment.

So, if you have anything to blog about around weed, head over to http://weedcash.network. Alternatively, if you have some natural medicine posts, the $LOTUS token is for you and this is the place to go: http://naturalmedicine.io

Thanks for reading.

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Hope you earn more Weed and Leo :). I need to save up some more hive in order to get myself some WEEDM or WEEDMM (The goal).

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