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RE: Getting ready for Vibes deflation

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So, if I understand correctly, it means that the price of the Vibes token will go up if there are a lot of requests for the token... but what if there aren't?
I know Rising Star is a popular game but in a community/tribe with such a big name as Music For Life there should be some other values ... well I know there are ... but there is another very big Music community ... albeit without a token ... anyway, it's going to be interesting ... 😎 🎧 🎸


Musicforlife is a tribe with their own front-end with a topic that is all about music. What I like about the tribe in addition to the tokenomcis is that they are developing a lot of things. They already have their own DEFI platform with NFT's linked to them.

I couldn't give any guarantee that prices will go up but in tokenomics terms, their plan makes a lot of sense :-)


Of course, I agree with you about their tokenomics, they've tried very hard, the music game, and their own DeFi service, that's very promising.
btw: I remember, once, the vibes token was in Steemit, is here the same team?

btw: I remember, once, the vibes token was in Steemit, is here the same team?

I honestly don't know :-)

Nop, we are a team with other vibes haha. Our idea was born like 8 months ago

Nobody can guarantee what will be tomorrow... Not even the developers of the tribe... We aren't involved in any way with the M4L tribe, and the view that Achim said in the video is just our own research...

Tokenomics are looking good, tribe has potential, but, as you said, nobody can predict if there will be interest in the tribe in a year, two, or ten... It's all on them/us (members and investors...)


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