Nexon Buys $ 100 Million Bitcoin

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Tokyo-based video game creator Nexon announced that it has acquired Bitcoin.

Stating that it has purchased Bitcoin with its statement, the company purchased a total of 1,717 Bitcoins. Announcing that it made purchases at an average of $ 58,226, the company underlined that it has a total cost of $ 100 million including expenses.

According to the current Bitcoin price, the company's investment is around $ 95 Million. The company also stated that only less than 2 percent of the assets it held in December 2020 were kept as Bitcoin.

Speaking about the Bitcoin purchase, Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney said:

"The Bitcoin purchase we realized was made in order to protect the values of our shareholders and to protect the purchasing power of our cash assets."

Founded in 1990, Nexon stands out as a company that continues to work in both computer and mobile games. Founded in Seoul, the company moved its headquarters to Tokyo for public offering and listing operations.

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