Does Entertainment Can Be Your Earning Source?


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Several years ago I found some earning source from entertainment like watching YouTube videos, playing online games and answering questions of surveys. I think these are also entertaining and doesn’t need more efforts but still it takes time. Some of those sites scammed many people. Here is a lesson for us, easy money making ways are temporary but if you are earning it now be aware about the future of it and try some other real life business or job beside virtual money making schemes.

Well, earn crypto by playing different online games and reaching levels to earn more I think still exist and playing game is definitely a kind of entertainment. Not sure how long that playing games will help you making money but better we don't be addicted to it.

Sorry to say but I feel playing games to make money is like gambling and we know gambling is not a good thing. Gambling, earning interest from money (without any work) has bad impact to finance and also to human life. A rich become more rich and a poor become more poor which is not good for sure.



Not sure if there any legit money making site or app still exist to make money from watching YouTube videos. Actually this helped video promoters to earn views and money from AdSense or other private source that pay. I think this is a easiest task to make money and I'm not considering it bad because it takes our precious time which means we are investing time on it instead investing time on gambling or some other bad money making scheme.

As I said, easy money making ways are not permanent so relay on it is folly. Many of us look for easy way to earn but the easy money mostly go to dogs and hard earned money has real value and history is witness of it, if you read about money maker legends. Luckily some takes short time to be rich and some takes long time but behind that their hard work and smart work is equally involved.

So what happen when you depend on such earning source that help you making money from having entertainment in life? It mostly scam you sooner or later or kill your valuable time. You may earn a little but it going to be a great regret that you chose shortcut to make money which not even deserves your time and attention. A person who entertain others make good money for his talent but a viewer is only someone who gets entertainment not someone deserving to earn money from it. I think I've explained my points but if you want go to add something with it, you are welcome for it.

Note : Do not consider my blog as financial advice. It mostly financial related personal thoughts and point of views.

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