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RE: How Crypto and Blockchain Technology Impacted My Personal Finance

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Hi @zellypearl

I enjoyed your post, and I am glad you feel like you should use your brain to contribute to your personal and family economic well being despite your gender.

As I read your post I was reminded of something that the Great American Value Investor Warren Buffet said:

America is an economic and Technological Powerhouse, which is a wonder to behold. I often wonder how much greater we would be as a nation, if we didn't sideline 50% of our brain power because they are women.

I was very affected by this statement because Warren Buffet is 80 plus years old, and his personality was incubated in three generations of American History frequently characterized by gender and racial discrimination. His statement is a tribute to the notion that fairness and equality is closer to the nature of man than prejudices and discrimination.

I hope you continue to live your life to the full extent of your potential, within the safety confines of your society and culture.

May the Maker, by whatever name is appropriate and respectful in your culture bless you and keep you safe.


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Thank you for this awesome comment.
There really shouldn't be any gender inequality. We are all entitled to different things and a fair chance to venture into them all is worth appraisal.
Thank you for your good wishes
May the good Lord bless and keep you and your family safe