Can you spare a Dime.......

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Why we stack........

I have friends that just can not find the extra cash to save...
What I tell them is buy just one silver dime!
This is sound money with no counter party risk.

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Most people have little to no savings, and are deeply in debt. This is setting the stage for a repeat of 1929. In these troubled Corona times, where almost every nation is racing to devaluate their currency, holding precious metals is one of the smartest things you can do!


Many that I talk to give me that blank look when I tell them the Federal Reserve is a private bank, and that after silver and gold were removed from our currency there's nothing backing our money.....
These Mercury dimes have always been one of my favorite coins. You are not going to find me melting down these beautiful dimes anytime soon, but with the 90% silver content, they will always have value!


Value is what we are after, lasting value, that can be passed down through generations...
So if you are reading this, and you are having a tough time saving.......
Just buy one dime my friend!!

Silvetop Mike😀

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Thanks for showing @silvertop. Silver dimes have to be my favorites. All Barber Coins are over a hundred years old. Silver dimes have always been worth, a life sustaining loaf of bread.

So very true @cve3.... I read somewhere that a silver quarter bought a gallon of gasoline, and now that same silver quarter will still buy a gallon of gasoline. Same line of thought as the loaf of bread my friend!😀

In around 1971, I was coming home from college, 60-mile trip, and gasoline was down to $.18 per gallon. So I topped-off the tank. I got home and saw it was $.16. Yes, sixteen cents. And tax was $.14. Gasoline was like two cents per gallon, minus tax. Silver coins were still in circulation, but had not been minted for, like seven years. Silver coins were drying up, but not unusual to find them. If only I had known what was coming. Thanks @silvertop.

If we could all turn back the clock....The sad thing is now that "we" understand my kids don't......

Its amazing how we have come full circle in 100 years and now paper money is being questioned and people want to move back to gold and silver. I think its a great store of value I just don't think its as practical as it once was for the digital age, which is why I tend to lean more to crypto.

Never been one to have all eggs in one basket but and would encourage others to pick up some gold or silver

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Absolutely my friend, never put all your eggs in one basket! Silver and Gold are the foundation of savings, crypto is the future, and stocks ....well they keep pumping the market up!
I spread my savings/ investment around!😀

Great post man. A great reminder that it doesn't take much to start stacking. Its that first step that's the most important and Mercury dimes look like a great place to start regardless of budget.

Very true @buggedout, and it is sad that some can't/ won't even spend a dime. I keep gently encouraging! 😀

It is really becoming extremely difficult to survive let alone have something left to save.
Buying some precious metals for keep have always been a good move.

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I agree Joe, and a little saved/ invested will go a long way as prices go up!!😀

An excellent post, my friend @silvertop! It really doesn't take time. It takes putting your mind on it until a habit is formed. Twenty bucks... it takes twenty bucks. And when one can do it, how about forty bucks! Then you are on your way!

Yes!!! That's how I would state it @silversaver888!😀
I always made the LCS monthly run for my fellow co-workers!!!
Sad that after I retired most stopped buying.....

It is sad... even some "stackers" stop, after a few months or so, because of sudden need. There has to be a true understanding of why one stack and how to stack.

I agree with you @silversaver888, I ran into "Dennis" a good friend that was a Monthly buyer of silver. I always took his "order" and picked the silver up for him. I would look for the most interesting silver generic rounds for him to keep him interested. He even went to the LCS a few times with me. When I asked him how is the silver buying going, he told me he had not bought any after I retired..🙃

Nice that you tried to help him!

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Thanks, I just wish he would have kept buying, without needing me to Motivate him..


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One dime at a time worked very well in the past, I think they better start buying one ounce or more now. The quickening is happening faster than I thought.

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You are so correct @tbnfl4sun, the sad thing is this person I spoke of bought this silver dime, and then stopped.... I could not encourage her to save/invest any more..... 😞

Yup, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink!

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So very true my friend.....

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Exactly, I have a tidy little hoard of Canadain silver dimes for that very reason when faith in fiat currency hits bottom. A form of fractional silver, it is easily recognizable in the public, easily verifiable and perfectly suitable for emergency commerce in peer to peer trade.
And I now have a roll of US dimes I can send to my unprepared US relatives or do some cross border shopping.

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Sounds like you are prepared for them @kerrislravenhill! Sometimes that's all we can do. Same with our grown kids, if needed WE are prepared! 😀

So so true