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What is it about the Buffalo nickel that has captivated coin collectors?


Much of the details of the coin were subject to wear. The design was adjusted by the mint, to try to correct this with no success...
After a minting from 1913 to 1938, just twenty five years, the Buffalo nickel was replaced with the Jefferson nickel.


So popular is the Buffalo, that today you can find this design in Gold, from the U.S mint, and minted into silver bullion rounds from several private mints.


This is one of my Favorites, The Giant Silver Buffalo Proof
So let's put this beauty on the Troy scale and see what we have.....


Just a touch over four Troy Ounces on the Obverse...
I really wish I could tell you what mint this came from. If any stackers have a clue, I would love to hear from you!😀


We have a winner my friend ....4.040 Troy!🤗
1 Ounce, or 4 Ounce just keep stacking my friends, silver won't be this cheap forever!!😇

Silvertop Mike😀

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Yes, the Buffalo sure is a popular design, I have never seen a 4 ouncer. That's an odd size for a round. Oops, 4 is an even number!

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LoL... Thanks for checking this round out, Buffalo's are very classic!😀

Nice and shiny round as if it came out of the mint yesterday.
I do have a few wooden nickles somewhere in my father's miscellaneous collection.
I'll find them somewhere....
I presume he got them from a coin club.

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You are so fortunate @kerrislravenhill that your Father was a collector. Most people never get started stacking/ collecting because no one in the family was interested.
I will look forward to some of those wooden nickel post my friend! 😀

Buffalos are MY favorite bullion and coin subject! Nice least I get to hold it whenever I want!😁😘

I love the American Buffalos. So, i love the Buffalo Nickle.
And i love that 4 ounces!

Thank's @silversaver888, this is a favorite of mine! I finally got to reply to your comment my friend, it has been a crazy day!! How are things where you are with the Corona😍😍😀

This look pretty valuable in appearance

Thanks for checking this post out, it is just bullion, but beautiful my friend!!!😀

Kind of find my dictionary to know what bullion means 😆

Thanks for showing, @silvertop. The Buffalo/Indian Head has to be the most copied Silver Round going. I have seen at least seven different Silver examples.
Wooden Nickel.jpg

I love the wooden nickel @cve3!!😀 When we lived in Colorado There was even a bar named "The Wooden Nickel"!

That design never gets old to me. It’s a classic of our heritage in the US. Nice show

Thank you @silverd510, It is a classic my friend!!!😀

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I have to say I am not a huge fan of the buffalo nickel @silvertop. Something about the representation of a Native American with the word "liberty" printed next to it does not sit right with me. Maybe it's because the early settlers robbed them of said liberty in such a brutally devastating manner. Anyhow, this is just how I feel and the reason I don't have any of these coins (or rounds). The cool thing about stacking though is that there are plenty of other designs out there, thanks for sharing, I hope you enjoyed my mini-rant ;)

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I see your point @summertooth, all very true. Silver comes in such a variety of shapes and sizes that way everyone gets to find and stack silver in the form that Will encourage them to continue to stack. There were brutal times in our History, the Mrs reminds me of the "Trail of Tears" when the Cherokee were Forcibly relocated....
Liz, and our three kids are part Cherokee, with the kids the last legal generation.
Silvertop is surrounded Lol!😇😳