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When you start stacking at age seven you pretty much have seen the cycles......
I would walk by my local coin shop and always look at the window front, to see what the silver spot was.
$1.90 per oz, why is silver so expensive I wondered?
I have seen the lines out the door, and around the block, people standing in line looking to sell quick...or buy....
Silvertop has never been here for a quick buck.


Look at the second photo, you see the small silver bowl in the middle, with all that "junk" This was bought from a pile of scrap silver back when those lines were out the door!
They had to lock the door and only let a few people in at a time, and the "dealers" were all very visibly armed!


I have been the Monthly silver pusher at work, taking orders for silver, where I did the run downtown like I was taking a lunch order Lol!


I believe we need to encourage others that may not know about sound money.
If you Mention fiat.....many do not even know what that is, and many also do not know that the Federal Reserve bank is a private bank!
So in this cycle...this bull market....When the opportunity arises we should share our knowledge. New "stackers" of all degrees will be looking for silver/gold and that person to talk to for advice.
Let us all remember when, and why we started, and encourage all.......

Keep stacking....
Silvertop Mike😀

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Knowledge is everything! And most of it is free. Keep on Stacking!

Very well stated @kerrislravenhill!!!!

I have to go into silver stacking... I like to collect things, but I have 0 experience and knowledge about silver... living in EU, what is the best place to start buying some small pieces? What would you suggest?

I am in the U.S.and I know things are different over in the EU.....I would try to look locally, and maybe a stacker here can point you in a good direction.
I know @welshstacker is in Wales he might be an expert in the EU...
Very wise to start my friend, take care!!!

I will follow him, and slowly start to investigate things... thanks for answering!

I did investments all my life (professionally) but started buying gold in 2014 to protect my savings against inflation.

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A very wise thing to do my friend.......stack on!!!

5 pounds of silver in a round. Is moving that plate around part of your actifit routine? lol Very nice showing. I wish I started collecting silver much sooner, butter late then never I guess.

Lol..... Thats a good @actifit workout my friend!😇 It's good that you started, that's what is important! Have a good day my friend!!!

Yup, I too am never been here for a quick buck! Knowledge is power, my friend! At the same time, it takes seeing to believe... and in my mission to share with others the benefits of stacking and bring them to a point to appreciate it enough to start saving in precious metals, I continue to post articles about my journey, without really violating the first rule of stacking [and you know what that is, hehehe]. AWESOME SHOW, my friend, excellent article. You should cross-post this to our SIlver Gld Stackers community page!
Have a wonderful day, and take care @silvertop! (Just curious... did you get an upvote from leofinance on this article? Will you let me know? Thanks again!)

It doesn't look like I got an upvote from Leofinance @silversaver888. I know @ronavel did in the past....
I did get upvoted LEO votes on so it is worthwhile to post from the website.
I wish everything was a bit Simpler my friend LOL! Take care have a wonderful day !😍😍😀

That is excellent, and thank you for answering my question!
And yeah, I totally agree. The simpler, the better, and so I try to keep it that way!

The tags I use are almost the same for all posts and it includes the unmoderted tags of the communities that I support: #silvergoldstackers, #theallinace, #teamusa, #mycalifornia, #threespeak, and of course #ladiesofsgs4eva (as a place to keep all articles with the ladies). Afterwhich I add whatever other tags that is appropriate, which includes #leofinance (usually always with precious metals.)

Then I posts from the community frontends that are specific to the topic and subject matter that my article is about:
Silver Gold Stackers- precious metals
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Splinterlands- all Steemmonster/splinterlands related articles
Market Friday- about markets
Wednesday Walk- anything about things I encounter around me
Feel Good- to join in on the challenge if they have one
Shadow Hunters- when it is a shadow I am sharing.
You will note that all the communities above (except Silver Gold Stackers) encourage and sometimes require one to use the community frontend.

One of these days, I will write content on cryptos and finance and when I do, I will use that front end too, and hopefully, get some attention and maybe an upvote. Do you know if the LEO upvote is auto given when one uses the LeoFinance frontend?

Thanks again, my friend @silvertop 🥰🌺🤙

A while back, it was a manual upvote. I talked to ronaldoavelino about it and he told me to go to Discord and tell them they were not upvoting my post.
No response @silversaver888, so I don't try anymore...just the LEO votes.
Sometimes this is so confusing LOL!
Take care my friend😍😍😀

I have quite a few of those blue books!

It was a good way to get people interested in collecting, a fantastic thing my friend!!!