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Its always interesting to look up a Silver round from the stack on line !

I bought these Silver bullion coins at close to spot, and this is a two ounce round purchased at about $14.50 per Oz....Total of $29.00


So Silvertop went snooping and I found this on E bay....

(screenshot of Ebay by @silvertop)

I believe that the mint was trying to package this two Oz bullion coin's similar to the blue packs from the mint, and printed on the outside was "America's Rarest Coins".


This .999 fine silver bullion coin was missing this packaging ............
This round is numbered on the edge : Number 6452
From what I read this round was minted for only thirty days....

I have no idea how many total were produced, but this certificate was signed by Arthur Blumenthal a Member of ANA & ANS........

This was on Antique looking parchment .......So why doesn't Silvertop get any of the goodies when he buys Silver rounds LOL!!!😇


Here we go , the Obverse is spot on at 62.2 g........


The Reverse ....... 62.2g ........

No extra Silver for me LOL!!!!😀

Stack on my friends!!!!!!🤗

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That looks fantastic, I was watching a video of how undervalued silver is in the current market. You are smart to stack the silver; this fiat being printed like candy wrappers will hurt many people. I don't know much about silver but I love cryptos especially bitcoin.
Wishing you and amazing Tuesday ahead, enjoy your day:}

Thanks so much @practicaleric, Not financial advice but I think Silver is very under priced!

A beautiful round that is a great tribute to the V coin. Did you get this from your local coin shop? It is beautifully struck! Thanks for showing this piece. I really love it! Another 2 ounces to the stack!
Have a wonderful evening, and take care my friend @silvertop 🥰🌺🤙

I was very fortunate to have a Local coin shop, (that closed a while back) that sold a lot of these at silver melt price. When I see one of the silver rounds that I have, on Ebay, it surprises me what prices they are asking🤔
I am glad you liked this round @silversaver888, and it gives me the opportunity to research and find out facts that I didn't know about this round!
Have a wonderful evening my friend!!!😍😍😀

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