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Own a piece of of U.S. History, and ten ounces of silver😀
Silvertop has always been Fascinated with the story behind this silver!
The Hunt brothers had a plan to corner the silver market, and on January 18th 1980 silver hit a record high of $49.45


It was said that the Hunt brothers held over a third of the world's supply of silver. Much of this was bought on margin, and when the exchange changed the rules on this type of purchase, this lead to what was called "Silver Thursday".


Which in turn lead to a drop of the silver spot price of over 50% in four days😳


The U.S Government sold silver into the market to suppress the silver price, and that's what we have here....


Former U.S. stockpile silver😀

Now...take a close look at the edges of these Silver bars above!
I find it very interesting that one bar has a squared and raise edge, and the second bar has smooth rounded edges🤔

Wait...I can hear stackers out there now, check these bars on a troy scale!



10.005 ounces troy on the square edge bar...
10.015 ounces troy on the rounded edge bar...
Close enough for @silvertop!🤗
What a nice way to add to your stack with U.S. silver😇

@silvertop - Mike😀

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This is practically Vintage silver, Wondering why silver is not considered a Strategic mineral.

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Very true @kerrislravenhill, I believe the price has been manipulated for a long time!
They can't allow silver to be a strategic mineral Lol, then it would be worth more!🤔

WOW, what a story!!!
That is a piece of history alright.
And you hold 20 ounces of it!

It makes me wonder what type of silver these bars were minted from @silversaver888...bullion or coins😍😍😀

I would say... bullion and coins,@silvertop 🥰🌺🤙

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...”strategic” silver stockpile, but I repeat myself! Awesome bars @silvertop 🤩👍👍

I think all of our stacks are Strategic stockpiles Lol!!😀

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Thanks my friend!!!😀