Gamification and investing - investing in games - my hive engine portfolio journey – Part 2– VFTLAB – DHEDGE – Splinterlands and Risingstar

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### As always I have to begin with a disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser! I am only investing what I can afford to loose! Do your own research before doing any type of investment. High returns are connected with high risks! Not a single word of this article is financial advice! By scrolling downwards you agree that you read this diclaimer!

I am just an ape who likes CUBs!


cub deviders by @kaliphae

When we browse through all the tokens on the hive engine we could easily get overwhelmed. What tokens to choose where do you put your liquid hive or leo?

I am a very fresh member of the hive and leo community and in the following paragraphs I will show you what investments I made over my short period of time here. These investments are my own strategy, do your own research!

If you have missed part 1 where I talk about CUB, project Liotes, and EDSM click HERE

  1. VFT
  2. dhedge
  3. Hive engine games I play and invest in.



VFTLABis a new project by the crew around the musicforlife tribe.
It looks very similar to other DEFI yield farming dapps. Anyone who is using will see the similarities.

The only difference is: You can directly deposit hive engine tokens at the farms. The native token of is VIBES and that is the farm with the lowest deposit fee.

In total there are 6 farms working at the moment.


You can see that I have not deposited too much at the moment and that has a reason. Someone dumped a lot of LENM tokens and they are way cheaper than the original 5 hive you would have to pay. Thats why I took almost all my assets from VFTLAB and bought more LENM.

I even wanted to sell my VFT I had earned but my order did not go through in 3 days so I just redeposited it yesterday and the Yield of all deposited assets was 1,5 VFT. Not much but hey I also have not invested that much...

What can you do with VFT?

More than one use case!

Number one is of course you can stake the VFT you farmed to farm more. That is what I am doing now.

Number two is to sell them on the market.
Well I am always careful with selling crypto. The moment I sell it starts mooning. From a long series of mistakes I made (selling 1,7k doge at 8 cents, or exchanging 1,7 BNB for 1 KSM (230$ at that time)) I learned that selling crypto is not my way...
I just can't get the timing right.

The last use case is a very interesting one and I still do not know the exact mechanics behind it.
You can buy NFTs in the shop paying with VFT. These NFTs are not on the hive but on the WAX blockchain.
Well everyone has a different style when it comes to investing and some might think investing in NFTs is just stupid and a big hype etc.
I partially agree, there is a big hype around NFTs thanks to the recent craze about Beeple selling his NFT for 69million in ETH if he as not sold all of it, its worth a lot more now.

Back to VFT lets have a look at the shop!


This is one of the premium NFTs at a cost of 100 VFT only 30 of this are going to be minted.
The non premium NFTs will come in 200 editions with a price of 15 VFT each.

You have to have a linked WAX account to get your NFTs! Maybe just maybe I will buy myself one but I am not sure.

The site by the M4L crew still needs some major updates, you can't see the APR% for example, also you can not see how much VFT you made. You have to check your hive engine wallet for that.
The reason I use VFTlabs is because I am crazy and I love taking risks. Also I am really bullish about the whole Musicforlife project and that was one of my main reasons to check that out.

Also there is a nice way to get some extra income by depositing the Starbits I earn in rising star and to put my DEC I make in splinterlands to work.

The whole crew is super chill and they help you out with all your questions on the discord channel.

I will keep you updated when I get some fresh news about this project.



This is not a new project on the hive engine and some of you might know this already.
Just like EDS you get dividends for holding the token.

At this time I am not holding any because I had to go get more LENM and the price was ok so I could sell them with a slight profit.

But when you are holding these tokens you get daily drips of liquid hive depending on the percentage of tokens you hold.

First thing when my investment portions go in next time is to buy these DHEDGE tokens back and probably stack more.

I like passive income and every new passive income stream I can generate brings me closer to my goal. The goal being having so many passive and semi passive income streams that work and getting paid for it will become obsolete. If CUB starts mooning hardcore I will be there very soon.

Until then I am happy with the daily drips of HIVE coming in from DHEDGE. I know there is a lot more dividend paying tokens and I am planning to stack up on all of them when the time comes.




Yes! I made it to the silver league in Splinterlands for the first time. This has to do with the fact that 2 days ago I got fed up losing so many battles and not being able to finish my daily quests. So I went in Big and bought 110 card packs for a total of 200$
I also spent about 20$ to make sure each card gets a legendary and an alchemy potion.
And well lets say I got lucky? Or was it skill?
If we have a look at the total value of my pack now it looks a bit different.


Now this looks like a decent investment to me right? Well who knows? Only time will tell if this investment pays of or not. But since this is by far the most successful game on the hive blockchain, and also expanding to WAX I am quite bullish about it.

Fun fact! All of the cards on Splinterlands are NFTs! Just in case you where wondering what use cases there are for NFTs.
My next plan is to invest some more money and get my hands on some plots of land. Owning these plots will be necessary in the next stage of the game when spellcards get introduced. Land plots will be the only way to craft these cards and if you don't have the cards you have to buy them from others. And this is part of my plan to buy a decent amount of land and making a passive income on selling the items crafted and also by leasing land to other players.
Some of my cards will also be leased out and I am quite sure that I will be able to make a decent passive income with this combination. I will also rgularly accumulate DEC and stake them on cubdefi or VFTlabs or both.
By renting out cards I do not use on PeakMonsters I am hoping to get a nice steady influx of funds.

I am quite sure that with our growing community there will be more and more people playing this and other games on the hive blockchain. Since there is a strong urge in most players of these games to own good cards and being able to battle for good rewards I think the demand for cards and for land plots will grow. By selling the items crafted on the land and leasing land plots to other players I hope to make some nice profits in the long run.

Next game!


If you have not heard and have not played this game yet you are simply not reading my blog. I have written several posts about this game so far and this one is a no brainer!
You earn STARBITS for completing missions.
Depending on the skill luck and other factors of your character you will be rewarded as soon as mission is complete.
Why is it a no brainer?
Because it is free to start! You do not have to spend a single dime/hive/leo!

The starbits you earn can be staked inside the game to earn rewards whenever a music NFT gets sold. (this is a new feature)
You can also withdraw your Starbits and stake them on VFT lab!
You can of course also spend them in game to buy packs or individual cards on the marketplace.
The game mechanics are really simple and it is a really funny game.
You start out as a low level street musician a busker. Slowly, by completing more and more missions you will be able to do bigger missions for bigger rewards.
The top ranked players even get paid rewards by the game in HIVE!
I started buying packs in this game with my starbits income only.
When reaching certain milestones you will even get free cards or card packs. The game has a feature where you can craft instruments, you can go learn singing, or you can simply just enjoy the music.
The wide array of tokens you can use for purchasing packs is also cool.


As you can see there is also a way to spend the LEN tokens by the @liotes project. And the good thing is every time we spend some LEN we also help the token to gain more momentum.

I hope you had an interesting read, and got inspired!

If you want to play Splinterlands and Risingstar please feel free to click on my referral links

Did you know? By writing about @risingstargame using the #risingstar tag you can win free card packs! You can write one post about the game each day to increase your chances of winning.
It has to be quality content though!

Thanks for your time!

cub deviders by @kaliphae

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I just started learning VFT lab as I just found out buddy using it collected all the cards in VFT lab in less than a week. I was asleep on the driver seat with the update. Early birds get the worms. I hope I can earn all the cards within the month but we will have to see. Thanks.

You don't need to invest a lot, you can also just buy VFT on the market and stake it I did that and had about 57k STarbits 9 LEO and 16 Vibes staked and earned about 2,7 a day if you go slightly bigger you will be done soon :)

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