A Proposal to Reward Content Creators on @Spinvest-leo

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Recently we discussed the vision for the @spinvest-leo account as a GIG-Economy. By comparing the account with a small clubhouse opened to the public with a little stage provided to guest-authors in order to reach an interested audience.
Besides the "board" that oversees all financial belongings of the club (holding the active keys of the account) we have "members on duty" (holding the posting keys) that opens the club on a given day and are responsible fill the little stage - be it with own content or by inviting and organizing the performance of a guest-authors. In order to ensure that this system is running in a professional, motivated, and sustainable way, people should get rewarded for their time and efforts. As this is a club of investors, first of all, the safety of the funds stored at the account has to be ensured. Overmore, the compensation for the people involved should be a fraction of (and never exceed) the income that their work is realizing for the club.

Interestingly, HIVE is providing all the tools we for this

Proposal to reward content creators on @spinvest-leo

A maximum of 20% of the post-earnings is used to reward all people involved in the creation of the respective post. The "members of duty" are responsible to distribute these post-earnings accordingly by using the beneficiary function. When featuring a guest-author, the "member on duty" will negotiate a share of earnings (10-15%) with that guest-author and set the account of this the guest-author as a beneficiary accordingly. In addition, he/she may add beneficiaries for providers of visuals or other services as well as for his/her own work of coordination and post set up. However, it is not possible to exceed a maximum of 20% beneficiaries in total. "Members of duty" who create unique and high-quality content without the help of any other involved party are allowed to set their private-account as a 20% beneficiary when this model is in effect.

Call for "Members on Duty"

With the goal of publishing three unique high-quality posts every week, we need more people that are willing to get involved. We are looking for members of the SPI club that are invested and hold at least 10 SPI tokens. With the new reward concept, besides creative writers that are able to provide high-quality content on their own, also people that have good connections into the community and can convince talented authors to provide their content as guest-authors are very welcome. Please leave a comment or/and join us on Discord with the Link

Call for Guest-Authors

We hope to welcome newcomers as well as established authors as our guests here on @spinvest-leo. With @belemo and @toni76 the proof-of-concept phase has already started and the feedback so far is encouraging. However, to get this really flying we need more people in and outside the SPI club to use this opportunity. For newcomers on Leofinacne, it could be a fast first step getting noticed by a bunch of Lionkings and build a following. for established authors, it could be the right place to start a controversial discussion or to announce an interesting project. Club members who are willing to actively contribute to the success of the SPI club but do not have the time for a permanent engagement as a "member on duty" have a unique chance here to do so. Please leave a comment or/and join us on Discord with the Link

Thoughts to discuss

We think spinvest-leo is a great place to test out this new reward model. As this account was initially not planned (because of the lack of people having the time) to do regular postings. With the rise of the value of the LEO token, we think that this would be a missed opportunity. We have demonstrated that spinvest-leo can considerably contribute to SPI's earnings during the last weeks. We need to find a sustainable and fair way to organize the creation of content and to distribute the workload on as many as possible shoulders, without risking the safety of the funds that are stored on the account. Temporary involvement of individuals in and outside the club may increase the following of the account may also help the SPI token price on the open market. Rewarding the generation of income by a fixed fraction of this generated income looks like a fair deal for all involved parties. Fortunately HIVE/LEO is giving us the opportunity to implement this in an easy way and without additional safety risks.

We are looking forward to get your comments, suggestions, and your applications to get a "member on duty" or a guest-author.

This is @no-advice for @spinvest-leo.

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The idea of ​​increasing the activity of the @spinvest-leo account is beneficial for all members of the SPI Club. That authors are rewarded for their work is normal and I hope that this will attract quality authors.

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