SPI-RABONA Team Challenge - and so it begins...

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Hello SPI members, LEO community and RABONA fans,

today our long-planned SPI-RABONA Team challenge is starting. We had some difficulties getting everybody on board, but with the start of season 16, five SPI teams are up and running.


Here are the Teams in detail:

Teamaccountplayed bystartedLeagueStadiumHIVE earned
Eddies Eagles@eddie-earner@silverstackerukSeason 1635-100
Dynamo Dresden@spi-contests@no-adviceSeason 1437-100
spicity@steemcity@spi-steemcitySeason 1535-100
SPI LEO Lions FC@spinvest-leo@jk6276Season 1635-100
SPI Sharks@spi.rabona@alexvanSeason 1436-100

As we are an investment club, we are playing this game the investment style. All participants have been provided with 100 HIVE to grow their team. Besides having some fun the ultimate goal is to get to break even and get the 100 HIVE back into the account. As responsible investors, this goal should be achieved by forming an efficiently running football team that will make it at least to League 1.

Overall Winner is: Least number of seasons to break-even investment (100 HIVE) after reaching League 1.

So the first competition for the teams is to reach League 2 and League 1 with a minimal number of seasons.

Milestone No. 1 - getting into League 2

TeamLeague 2League 1Champions League
Eddies Eagles
Dynamo Dresden
SPI Sharks

The discussion about the prize for winning this first competiton is already ongoing in our DISCORD channel.


SPI LEO Lions FC1621561,525211050%530000111,63411,819,728
SPI Sharks1520464006227181743%650000015,453382,735
Dynamo Dresden2121436536221291233%760000014,184220,705
Eddies Eagles14183240020110%440311111,500102,758

Having a first look at the statistics, we see that different teams following a different strategy already. SPI LEO Lions and spicity already bought RBN from their 100 Hive and now sitting on millions of cash. spicity and Eddie Eagles invested in a lot of infrastructure like youth Academy, Building Yeard, Office and Training Center, whereas the other teams only invested in Stadium and Catering. Most teams recruited only a few additional players. Only Dynamo Dresden recruited a lot of younger cheap players to train them. The SPI LEO Lions bought more expensive players and are already on an average salary that is 2-3times higher than the rest of the clubs. We will see which strategy will play out best. So far SPI Sharks with a winning ratio of 43% in 62 games, seem to have the most promising one, resulting also in the highest number of fans.

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Added all the funds into the account. 43 Hive was used for account creation and the rest of 57 are waiting to be spent or maybe not :)

Let the games begin. The Dynamo Dresden @spi-contests played by @no-advice is with my little youngsters team in the same league and has a decent play.

P.S.: Discord link needs an update :)

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Let the games begin indeed! Tomorrow morning is our derby:

Is this Discord Link working? https://discord.gg/pD3um3XS

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We will have an Iron Curtain Derby :)

Yes, this link is working. Thank you.

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The Iron Curtain is on the junkyard of history for years - however, freedom of travel was bigger in those times than it is in the current situation ;-)
Where the SPI Sharks are located?

Good luck with it. I personally would not spend too much time on it. It is too much luck and even with a superior team it is very hard to move up in the Leages, if you are not constantly adjust manually the lineup.

This time spending to find the right strategy and formation while the opponent does the same is for me exactly one of the exciting things on the game - while I hate the bot driven automatic formation stars (but they are smart so what can we do) :-)

Thank you for your comment. We try to take it not to serious and your points may also help for this. A good portion of luck is part of the most games and also in a number of other things including investments. I personally like the idea to play against/with other clubmembers and to share as well as discuss the journey.

This will be fun to watch and see who is the greatest sports/finance mind inside the SPI team ;)

I should really start playing Rabona shouldn't I?

Yes, you should play Rabona.

just use this link https://rabona.io?ref=spi.rabona and we both get 25k RBN :)

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Interesting challenge - I will watch out for the progress :-) - good luck @alexvan

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Thank you @uwelang, first I build up the financial stability than tackle promotion. :)

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I see my friend!

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I might hunt your young stars! :)

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you might, but my boys are happy :-)

I will come to you in 5 seasons when the first promotion will be tackled.

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I find the different strategies quite interesting, let's see which one wins.

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no question that Dynamo Dresden will win 😉😉😉

Lol this is cool . Can we pick favorites ?

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Why not!? Will ask @silverstackeruk if we can also have some valuable SPI tokens as a price for the bets. Would also be an idea to ask @costanza to provide us with the bookmaking 😉