Spinvest-leo weekly update - 10 june 2020

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Increased income and contribution to the next dividend.

Last week, SSUK began publishing the daily updated SPI token value from this account via a daily post. The payouts from those posts have contributed to our best week yet.



  • Income of 75.391 in HIVE value - 50% going to the dividend.
  • LEO price continues to increase - 0.185 now and looks likely to rise further.
  • Steady week for CTP and NEOXAG tokens.
  • One off little boost of NEOXAG from @spinvest-neo resetting his account and paying out earnings.
  • Big week for Leofinance with the updates to the Hivestats site being very well received.


  • I've decided to un-stake to LEOMM and CTPM tokens and will sell when they are available. They are not really doing much for us, and I think the funds will earn better ROI elsewhere.
  • Growing HIVE Power is high priority.

Thanks to everyone for supporting @spinvest-leo.

Have a great week,


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Let's get this account to earning 500 LEO a week :)

We're on the right path but I'll need to figure away to get some more HIVE over to this account for curation are leo.voter delegation.

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Lofty Goal, but very possible!

Nice work JK

You can get a good price for LEOMM these days. Hardly any sellers, so don’t sell them cheap.

if you can sell them for hive, Steemleo is leasing Hive at 14% again, maybe we could set up a longer term deal?

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