Spinvest-leo weekly update - WLEO thoughts.

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Hey everyone, this week I'll update our earnings real quick, and share my thoughts on the plans for this account with the upcoming WLEO launch. If you don't know what that is, check LeoFinance trending page for some info posts about it, there is plenty out there now.

Pump it.

The price of LEO tokens has doubled since last week. This is directly a consequence of the WLEO news.

I have left this account alone this week, as I have fallen down the Ethereum and DeFi rabbit-hole, learning as much as I can and gaining some experience in this crazy new world.

Don't be surprised if the LEO price runs even further from here, there are people actively accumulating as much as they can to participate in WLEO. 1 LEO = 1 HIVE is not beyond the realms of possibility.

Not financial advice.


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  • Token income was slightly up on last week - 148.809 compared to 117.65. The difference is mainly a post payout.

  • Leo's price jump pushed income over 55 HIVE for the week.

  • Total asset value in the account jumped by 2000 HIVE this week. Thanks @khaleelkazi for pumping our bags.

The plan:

Very simply my plan for @spinvest-leo is to change very little. I don't plan on unstaking any LEO held in this account to swap to WLEO and stake on Uniswap. My thoughts are that this account just keeps doing what it is doing now. The income raised here should grow, as LEO whales unstake to play on ETH, there is less competition for the reward pool here, and our income should increase. If you want to understand this better - have a look at @taskmaster4450's recent post about it.

The main Spinvest account has a decent chunk of liquid LEO. This is a much more interesting proposition, with the current pump looking enticing for some profit taking. The other option is to play the WLEO game and earn the staking bonuses and shift that LEO to ETH as a long term play. I think it should be discussed among members what to do, but have suggested to @silverstakeruk to pop a cheeky sell order in just under 1 HIVE (0.85 to 0.95) to profit from a mega pump. LEO has low liquidity really, and if a few determined people want it, the price will run.

On a personal level, I will be putting as much as I can into the WLEO move, and participating as much as possible with my personal funds. I think it makes sense that Spinvest does not, and keeps all LEO on platform as the safer option. If Spinvest members want a higher risk move, then they have the safe hedge that Spinvest is taking the alternative approach and staying fully HIVE as a counter to their more aggressive approach. That's my plan anyway, but ultimately it is up to all SPI Holders to voice their opinion if they have strong feelings either way.

In the big picture, I think the move to create WLEO is very bullish for the value proposition of the LEO token, whether we swap it to ETH and play, or stay put as fully HIVE based.

Please share your thoughts, or any questions you may have in the comments here.



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I agree with your approach. Stick to what you are doing with the SPInvest-LEO account. The curation rewards should increase since many of the larger accounts are powering down.

It is also a good idea to have a sell order put in on the liquid LEO at just under 1 HIVE. If it can reach parity, it wont likely stay there, especially if it does it before the launch.

As for the long term idea of have some holding in wLEO, if it proves itself to be a success, I would be for using the some of the liquid LEO generated moved to there periodically and held.

Always good to have some liquid in case of a major pump.

I don't think you can go wrong with any approach, but I'm biased :)

wLEO is gonna be very interesting. We're finally stepping outside of Hive's shadow and reaching out to a broader audience. At the same time, we'll be launching our new interface. Things are coming together nicely

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This is why it is great to have both accounts. I like your approach.

wLeo sounds to me like a gamble. I definitely do not understand De-Fi yet, but it sounds like lending.

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