The Flippening is coming.

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No, not BTC/ETH.

I'm refering to LEO/HIVE, particularly in regards to @spinvest.

Latest earnings report.

A little while ago, @spinvest dropped its latest weekly earnings report. I just wanted to highlight one part of it and contemplate what it means for the fund moving forward. This is a post from @spinvest-leo, but the thoughts are from @jk6276.

Earnings from LEO are close to HIVE earnings.

This table from the report linked above shows that LEO earnings this week were worth 182 HIVE. Actual HIVE earnings from leasing were 218. Important to remember is that some of the LEO income is actually from HIVE delegation to Leo.voter.

The boom in the price of LEO shows no sign of slowing down, with the token currently trading between 0.5 and 0.66 HIVE each. If the trend continues we could see a 1:1 exchange rate. Liquidity is hard to come by on a token that is being highly sought after by those wanting to invest in the WLEO project.

Is the day approaching when Spinvest earns more from LEO than HIVE?

Share your thoughts in the comments.



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I always love a good flippening

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Its always fun to put a flippening angle onto things, certainly been a fun week in cryptoland.

As soon as people will start to report their estimates for return on investment etc. (Even though rates will change daily) things will go absolutely crazy.

So yes, I think it will come very soon.

I certainly see the value of my leo go higher faster than the value of my HIVE.

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