Have you been stacking crypto hard the past 2-3 years? Get ready to be a millionaire by 2025

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Hello, SPIer's, our we ready to get rich? The motto for SPinvest is "get rich slowly" but sometimes it's not within our power and when the bulls coming running, we have to roll with it. Not complaining at all, point is some people over the next year are 2 will become very rich and possibly even millionaires. These are people you and I already know, people we speak with every day in comments, people we see grinding out to produce good content and people we have seen start projects from almost nothing and grown them massively (dcity as an example). Oh yes, there will be lots of easy money during 2021 within the crypto space, a lot will be scams but there will be hidden gems to find as well.


Most of us on HIVE/LEO have been around from 2017-2018 on STEEM and we have become an army that simply will not let the blockchain die. Over the past 2 years during 2018-19, we have seen huge drops in users numbers and interactions but many of us doubled down on our investments, we put more time and effort into our content, built bigger followings and invested into crypto's when they were hitting market cycle lows knowing better days would can. I've been saying from SPinvest was launched in posts that 2021 will be the year we all make money and Bitcoins recent double new all-time high from $20k to $24k and then to $28k fills me with faith with 2 days until 2021 starts. Did you invest into crypto over the past 3 years while the sales were happening?

2021 will see tons of new users come through LEOFINANCE as crypto news goes mainstream again and it's become 2021's gold rush. We will also see people that have been grinding it out for the past 2-3+ years rewarded for their efforts. These people that have been buying a little BTC every week/month, are those that have stacked up massive amounts of HIVE/LEO at low prices or even got involved with LP's because of wLEO. Not too sure how HIVE will perform, dont have super high hopes if im honest but LEOfinance seems to be doing all the innovation around here so I would put my faith into LEO over HIVE for the longterm as a smarter investment. I personally dont think either is an investment token but if I had to pick which one I think will perform better during 2021, I would have to pick be LEO based on the fact, a lot of people these days post content to get LEO rewards with HIVE becoming the secondary reward.

Right now, media interest is nowhere near as high as it was toward the end of 2017 so I believe the crypto market still has a lot of new money to come and I would guess we'll see peak action toward the end of 2021 and maybe flowing a little into 2022 before the market pops, drops 30-40% within a few months and goes sidelines the rest of 2022. 2023 will be crypto winter 2.0 and SPI's time to stack our bags with cheap crypto's that will turn us into a million-dollar fund. Its just gonna take some time, those who took a gamble on SPI tokens are seeing the benefits of playing market cycles long term already with total holdings worth over 550k HIVE from 80k STEEM seed cash 20 months back. Even when we factor in the HIVE airdrop, we are still miles ahead. My 2 cents based on past market cycles. We can not know the day Bitcoin hits its last all-time high before the bubble pops, we just need to be within 20-25% of it.

You know a future millionaire!

Right now, you know a bunch of future millionaire's. You read their posts, interact with them daily in comments, play their HIVE based games, use their HIVE based services, all people like you and me. The great thing about being a crypto-related community is you get involved with things most people dont know to exist. Buying HIVE to power up and delegate to leo-voter for daily LEO rewards? You understand this but 99% of the population would not. We are all educated are at least aware of defi, LP'S, farming, content rewards etc which gives a huge advantage to us. Many of the people we interact with within HIVE have the potential to be millionaires within 10 years with a little faith and a lot of discipline.

I understand we have a lot of HIVE maximalist's but I think most of us will hold some other cryptos be it BTC, ETH or any of the 3000+ other available. By holding just 1 BTC which has been priced at under $9k for most of the past 3 years, you are a millionaire waiting for the price to go up. You might need to sell your BTC in around a year from now and re-enter the market after 12-18 months but you will be a millionaire if you resist selling any of it. If you own BTC and need cash ASAP, you would be much better off using a crypto loan service because chances are you will never replace your BTC to had to sell, that's a different post for a different day.

What im trying to say is if you hold almost any crypto, chances are it's value is going to go up in 2021, remember it will not go up forever and to cash some out. Park it somewhere to earn 10-20% per year and re-enter the market during the next bear market. Bitcoin always falls 80% from its market cycle all-time high, you could use 75% as a marker to re-enter the market and HODL until your a millionaire. Sounds easy?

In dreamland and in 5 years

SPinvest owns 1 BTC, actually 1.06 BTC right now. I am gonna put a prediction out there, you might roll your eyes but it's very loose.

  • Bitcoin builds up to $70-90k by the start of next December and then x3 over 3-5 weeks with a final push from bulls pushing the price to $200-250k before the bubble pops and it starts its 24-30 month decline.
  • We sell out our BTC at $150k for a stable token from not being able to handle the stress and just wanting to lock in the profit.
  • We dump that $150k into a few different things to safely earn us 10% per year.
  • When Bitcoin drops 75% of its last all time high, we convert $150k plus interest into BTC. If BTC tops at $200k, our target is $50k. If its tops at $300, our buy back in price is $75k. Either way we should at least double our BTC holdings.
  • Wait for the next bullrun to happen in 2025
  • If BTC goes to $150-300k in this coming bullrun, it would be safe to assume the 2025 bullrun would see half-million-dollar BTC
  • We sell BTC for a stable token, invest our millon dollars of backed cryptos somewhere safe, kick back and pull in $100k a year in interest. Job done!

Is that so far fetched? BTC is already hitting $28k. At the start of 2017, BTC was trading for $1k and it bounced to $20k for a 20x profit to those that cashed out. Is it ridiculous to think it could 10x from today till the end of 2021? and then 5x for Jan to Dec during 2025? I guess we wait and see.

I recently got a video recommendation on youtube for an 8-year video from a guy shilling BTC when it was trading for around $140 and he was saying it will someday be worth tens of thousands. I should sue youtube for not recommending that video to me back then, haha. Point is, this is your reminder.

Remember market cycles are real, they are a long and boring way to play to the game but if done correctly, you have the potential to fund your own future within a decade. Traditional market cycles take much longer, sometimes over a decade and the price swings are nothing compared to cryptos. As crypto grows, bull runs might see yearly growth of 50% and the days of 5-10x will be long gone. With crypto's being around for more than 10 years, we can say your still early, we can still say that the opportunities offered for crypto investors are still once in a lifetime.

Thank you if you made it to the end, i started off one way and went another with this post. I wrote it in parts over a few hours and it's maybe all over the place. Anyways, i hope the parts that made sense, you liked.

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Thing is if we borrow with our staked BTC as collateral instead of selling it, when it will lose value our collateral will need to be increased or our BTC will be sold automatically !

I'm a strong believer in market cycles, not only for BTC/alt but for most markets, so I will wait for the peak and try to sell 50% around there and place a buy limit at -75% :D
Thank you for sharing.

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That's the risk for taking crypto loans when the crypto market is peaking.

I see we agree on the -75% buy back in, it's gonna be a fun year

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Sure hell of year coming !
I'm not good at timing the market so I might take a bigger buffer or just lag behind :)

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Yes, agree with you to follow the cycles. Stable coins are a safe bet for emotions.

On which coins or services do you think it will be used for the 10% yearly gain?

P.S.: I've read it all and it can be summarized in: follow the cycles, be patient and good things will happen :)

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Thanks for condensing my 1500 word post into 10 words, hahaha. Your spot on by the way :)

We can earn 10% from nexo, celsuis, ect and if we are feeling like taking a little risk, stable/stable LP

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Well,from experience, only a few people read the whole posts in here, which sometimes is sad,sometimes is good. :)

The idea with 10% is not bad on this coins. Might also some higher margin in WLeo, but I'm not a financial specialist and advisor, just a noob trying to increase some incomes for the fam.

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You really failure to follow your motto "get rich slow". Maybe you have to change strategy to slow down the travel to the moon. :-)

Im trying brother, it's not easy making money slow when the crypto market is popping.

But your right, SPI tokens were launched 20 months back and they have 6x seen then, lol.

What should our new motto be?

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I still like "get rich slow"
You get right investors with that slogan.

Get rich slow - and richer fast

It's pretty amazing times to be alive and active in the crypto space! :)

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Damn right it is!!!!

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Joining SPI at its inception was one of the best crypto decisions I have made. After a little over a year of blogging, I was still pretty clueless about crypto currency and how everything worked. When I saw the post about SPI I decided to dive in with some of my hard earned Steem.

Now, while I still have a lot to learn about the cryptoverse, I find myself in possession of a variety of coins. BTC, ETH, LEO, Hive and many others. While I try to keep adding to the pile I know my late start in accumulation will lower the returns some. One thing I am happy about is I now have about 7x the investment in LBI that I have in SPI.

If we get rich a little quicker than planned I'm okay with that. My username is oldmans so I would say bring on the millions sooner rather than later. :)

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get rich a little quicker than planned

We will hold a vote to adopt that as the new motto.

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Lol, I like it. "SPI/LBI - Getting Rich Quicker Than Planned".

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Someone actually has saids in the comment above about we should change our motto.

@oldmans - You seem to have a good story, would you be interested in doing the interview for spinvest-leo?

Hit me up on discord DM's if you have the time

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Probably your best post yet.

Great to see a writeup of this magnitude. Certainly an interesting take on Bitcoin. You seem sure of the timing of it all. LOL.

We will see how things unfold but I agree, the holdings that even people have on Hive can make them millionaires with a major run. Just think of what is being held and 10x or 20x what you have.

It is incredible to think about.

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We know future millionaires, not me but others. It is amazing to think about.

Thanks, its a while from i done anything over 1000 words for SPinvest, this post is a little all over the place but it's wrote from the heart :)

Looking forward to entering 2021 with you

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Great article and pretty much what I intend to do. I came too late to the party to make it this time, but if I manage to sell and rebuy right, I will be all set in 2025/2026.

I don't intend to sell any LEO/Hive, though. I have long term plans for these particular tokens and I'm not selling any of it if I don't have to.

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Hey, good to see your plans fall around the same as mine, gives me a little confidence im on the right road.

Hopefully we can all sell around the same time and re-enter at the same time and then wait for 2025.

What colour of Lambo are you getting? Im gonna get a LEO wrap on mine, lol

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Well, I maybe should have waited to read this in the morning as I just popped into bed and now my heart is racing after reading this haha!

2021 will be my 4th year in crypto which also lines up with the 4th year cycle. Reading the strategy in your post has really got me thinking about how to "play with" my BTC but I'm going to be so reluctant to sell it having spent a long time getting to the point I'm at now with it. Going to book mark this post to keep me in check when things are getting crazy in 2021 so I can strategise rather than leave it to the last minute!

SPI still available? What do you get other than SPI divs each week? I got my first payment last week - thank you!

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I've been around crypto from 2013 but only for dark web stuff. Started taking it more serious the past 4 years the same as you. It will be very hard to sell BTC when the time comes. If you're like me, you've added to it slowly over time and your BTC stash feels like an accomplishment, im the same boat and I'll find it hard as well. That's where the discipline comes in.

Take your experiences from 2017 and 2018 and think to yourself, how could I have maxed my profits? and then apply that to this bullrun. Easier said than done but that's the discipline thing again.

As for holding SPI tokens, all sold out. The token price has increased 6x in the past year, plus it pays the weekly dividend. Most people are happy with that. The main focus of the SPI token is to increase its HIVE value :)

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Yeah that's exactly what I've been doing too, adding what I can to the BTC pot over the last 3 years or so - going to have some strong discipline!

I sadly got in Xmas 2017 so already going through it's mega bubble and I watched it all burst in front of my eyes, strong lesson that! I'm up now though quite substantially so resilience and time in the market helped a lot! Might be a bit easier having gone through all that pain to make profits. I'm just still accumulating what I can through various interest mechanisms!

Thanks for the info about SPI tokens, I did buy up 20 or so on the open market so I'll just hold and pick up what I can there - happy enough with the dividends personally!

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This is amazing, @spinvest!

Such a great opportunity for those who have invested in this market for longer.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I think there is still time to into the market but the best prices are gone without a doubt. Im personally not buying as my bags are filled but there is plenty of room for growth.

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