Heard of the new Hive farm? VFTLAB.finance

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Hello, SPIer's. Have you heard about vftlab.finance?

VFTLAB.finance is the newest farming project to hit the HIVE blockchain and comes from the M4L tribe. The aim of the game here is to farm as many VFT tokens as you can. These can either be sold on the HE exchange are used to purchase NFT's from the website store. These NFT's are hosted on the WAX. Some of their future plans include the release of MP4 NFT's and creating a VIBES token faucet.


Click HERE to visit vftlabs

Now, I'll honest the website is very basic and in need of future upgrades but it's doing what it's supposed to do and that's the important thing. Currently, there are 6 farms on offer but more can be added through future governance voting so expect maybe CINE, POB are others to be added sometime. Currently, they offer farming for...

  • LEO
  • DEC
  • VFT
  • HIVE


It's says farming but it's staking, it's farming if farming is staking which it is. It's simple enough to use however the information displayed is very minimal and there is nowhere on the site that explains how it works. Farming rewards are paid out daily automatically to your HE wallet but no ROI's, pending rewards, etc are displayed.

Spinvest has deposited 1.2 million starbits to this, @shitsignals got us in on day one and we've already farmed over 300 VFT's worth around 120 HIVE at today's price. That's for 3 days, to compare, holding 1 million starbits on HE yielded us 15-20 HIVE per week. We plan to sell 50% of the VFT and stakes the other half to the VFT farm. We'll watch it for a few weeks and see how it's going.

How to get started

Simple enough folks, i going to assume to have a keychain wallet.

  • Go to the homepage - https://vftlab.finance/
  • Sign in
  • Click on farms
  • Select which farm you'd like to join
  • Click "Create wallet"
  • Hit F5 and resign back in
  • Go back to farms and click on "create wallet" again
  • You will see "deposit" and "withdraw"
  • Deposit your funds, confirm the transaction


This transaction was for 100 HIVE. We can see the deposit fee is 3% and we now have a staked balance of 97 HIVE. This is all the information shown, now we wait for the daily payout. I know it around midnight but I dont know which timezone, i could remember.


Could be a good one to get in early on, it's not been promoted that much and I'm sure 90% of the people reading this post will be seeing about this for the first time. Get in early and farm some VFT while is still easy :)

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I am in.

I tried to deposit some tokens today but could not. Where can i see the status of my transaction and do i need the tokens in liquid form in my hive wallet ?

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Another interesting project to provide people on Hive with a return. There is so much going on that it is impossible to keep up with.

Thanks for this insight. It seems like the M4L team is doing very well rolling out some great ideas.

Fun to watch all of this taking place.

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My life on Hive networks is pretty much this. How to invest 1 HIVE into 20 different projects xD

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Look like a clone of CUb-finance but without user friendly stats. Maybe the idea is good but it is to less information. HOpefully they will make it better later on.

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I'm in with Statbits. Let's see how this goes as I still have the millionaire card.

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What use cases does the VFT token have?

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Right now it the only use case is to buy NFTs. These NFTs should have a use case in the future according to the road map of the Music For Life community.

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Sounds great. A new sink for HIVE and HE tokens.

I've been farming on VFT lab since it launched and found it pretty straightforward, does what it says and I'm sure will roll out more details as time goes on. I did a detailed tutorial a couple of days on how to get started which might help too.

I'm hoping to make some mp4 NFTs and add them to the store but looking forward to the progress here 😀

Man the information here just makes it so tempting to get into VFT but it will have to wait for another week or two. I got to get my other goals set before I start investing some of my VIBES to farm some VFTs.

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Where it is shown how much the APY is? Are the VFT tradable, apart from buying useless stuff?

The usecase for the VFT token will be to be the hearth of a music marketplace powered by a yield farm :). We are working the first music NFT and sure, we are gonna add the visual space to see the APR

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That CUB feeling! Just got in with some STARBITS and see how it goes!
Seems promising and looking forward to seeing other tokens :)

Thanks for sharing!

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This is the first I've seen this and it's a great idea.

I would have loved to see Cub include HIVE and some of the other Hive Engine tokens, but looks like these guys beat us to the punch.

A few questions though...

  1. Is this platform legit?

  2. Who are these guys?

  3. Do they have a Hive community page or account?

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hey!! yeah totally legit, we are academia libertad team, we have a youtube channel


we are the founders of musicforlife tribe and the @hashkings hive game cofounders.

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you can check our main profile @al-gaming

Thanks guys, the project looks great.

You've definitely now got my support :)

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It seems a promising one but unfortunately I am going to miss it for now. However, I am keeping it in my mind. Thanks for sharing

Cool! I just staked some HIVE and LEO there! We'll see!

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There are so many options anymore. I don't know if I am coming or going!

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Thanks as always for helping us guys :) ! we suggest you to use the "musicforlife" tag.

For the rest of users, well the idea is that VFTLAB will be the first music marketplace on hive connect with WAX NFTs that bring liquidity. VFT usecase will be essentially that, the only way the users can buy music from their favorite musicians.

The deposit fee is mainly used to buy and burn VIBES but also to development! well theres a lot of stuff coming to our ecosystem like a BSC bridge :) !! we wait you on musicforlife tribe

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Heard of the new platform for about a week, but it didn't occur to me until today that I can add some of my liquid Hive that is just sitting there doing nothing and so it will earn some rewards and still be liquid.

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