How Big Can SPInvest Become?

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SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club experiment open to all HIVE users. The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from hive-engine by search SPI.
SPinvest has a proven history of success

This is a question that really has not been posed in a post. We do not often ponder, at least publicly, the potential of SPInvest. However, perhaps it is time to take a look at it.

It is best to start this discussion by looking where SPI is at the present moment. According to the last earnings' report, we see SPInvest has assets totaling $189,000.


Certainly this will not be confused with any major Wall Street fund yet it is a good start considering where we were a couple years ago. SPInvest began with zero and was built up their the efforts of a number of people. Through some shrewd decisions, the holdings are now closing in on $200K.

Of course, the activity continues. The difference that SPI is starting from a much higher level. With near $200K in asset, a 20% return, the baseline for this project, is another $40K. Fortunately, we saw returns that far exceed that. With the way cryptocurrency is going, this is likely to continue.

It is hard to believe yet we could be nearing the time when we envision SPInvest's holdings nearing $1 million. Again, this seems like astonishing growth from where we are. Nevertheless, with the returns that are out there, we can see this happening in the next couple years.

Year 2 is going to show a return of triple digits in terms of the growth attained. With the core holdings, if the bull market holds strong, we should see this continue.

If this happens, more doors will open to SPI.

Recently, this project got into the venture capital game, helping to fund the start up of its first tribe. If that community is able to achieve a great degree of success, we will see a lot of value added to SPI.

Last week, SPI entered the yield farming realm in a fairly strong way. The CUB token is presently going down in price, so the return does not look as strong as it did a few days ago. This, however, is viewed as a temporary measure. Each day, SPI is accumulating more CUB. If our intuition is correct, this also will add a lot of value to SPI.

We also can look at the expansion of projects on Hive. We know there are a couple more Leo airdrops set to take place. This is based upon the holding of LEO Power/wLEO/bLEO, which SPI is involved with. At the same time, the Hive we have is also eligible for the 3Speak airdrop that is taking place.

When we combine all this together, is it possible for SPI to reach that $1 million mark in value? It does not seem unrealistic, especially with how things are going. Another couple years of tremendous growth and that could be the reality.

After that, it is rinse and repeat, just with bigger numbers. The way to grow a project of this nature is to keep increasing the revenues of the funds and then focusing them into projects that can generate an even greater return.

This was the path over the first two years. The key is that, as time goes by, there are more resources which to do this from.

For many people reading this, the numbers almost get unrealistic. However, anyone around crypto for a while understands how quickly things can grow and wallets become massive. SPInvest spends time each day filling its bags with more crypto. Accumulation is key. Some things will not work out. Nevertheless, have a few tokens that could really breakthrough is where things get insane.

Ponder this for a bit. What do you think the potential of SPInvest truly is? What kind of numbers do you see out there in its future?

Post your thoughts in the comment section.


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The number looks pretty amazing 😀🍻🙏

It is hard to believe yet we could be nearing the time when we envision SPInvest's holdings nearing $1 million

Hat's off, that's really impressive from a standing start and shows the power of the community. With the airdrops still to come (as you say) and the growth of activities on this platform, all looks pretty darn good for the future of SPinvest!

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It is just a matter of time and a couple of cycles of bull runs. We are building so many feeders as well.

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Awesome start, and the sky is the limit! 🚀

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It is hard to believe yet we could be nearing the time when we envision SPInvest's holdings nearing $1 million.

I see this as a reserved target. If nothing radically changes the landscape of crypto in the following years, even more optimistic targets can be achieved.

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This is an amazing amount for the project. Before you know it we will be our own hedge fund.

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We are perfectly hedged at the minute 😀


50% non HIVE and 50% HIVE. Its not easy 😎

I often see people not buying SPI because it's price is high but this post clearly states that no , current price is definitely worth it to buy .

I just bought 3 but I know its very less but will definitely buy more . Also how much SPI do you have in your @spi-payments ? After SPI runs out , will you shift back to Hive?

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How very exciting! I look forward to the day that LBI catches up with Spinvest. Maybe it will never happen, but I think the potential is definitely there. Things are really getting crazy now! At least for this morning anyway!

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