How does your crypto portfolio look?

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Hello everyone, what a crazy few days it has been for HIVE. From last week it's been slowly increasing and then yesterday, BOOM! 50% jump in 1 day. the SPI fund went up by just over $20k in the space of under 24 hours to reach just over $150k in total for the first time. That's hope we revisit this market cap again soon.


For these that know about SPI tokens, they will know we hold a decent whack of our fund in BTC to the tune of about 1.07 BTC and 0.11 wBTC. That makes it SPI's biggest single holdings. HIVE could dethrone it if the price keeps going up but I think we are in for a HIVE dip before another HIVE run.

This makes me think about my personal crypto and how is it allocated and then how that is allocated against the rest of my investments. Looking right now at crypto, I see 62% is BTC, 27% in HIVE/LEO and 11% in a mix of other tokens. Not very diverse but it does not need to diverse for me.

There are different sorts of diverse investing. 1/If you are much older, it will mean stocks/bonds/saving account/gold and BTC. 2/ For younger people, diverse will mean ETH, HIVE, SUSHI, DOT and UNI. 3/ For total sick HIVer's of all ages, diverse will mean HIVE, LEO and all the HE tokens going.

I believe that anyone that puts the grind in and offers something to the community, can work their way up from HIVE sicko to an old investor in less than 10 years and have a nice spread out portfolio while bringing in decent HIVE passive income. You might be thinking why it is important to spread outside of HIVE are outside of crypto? Using the 1,2,3 samples from above and saying you diversify with 10 investments.

1/ Cherry-pick the best 2 assets from different investment classes. Has lots of liquidity. Markets are less volatile.
2/ Pick the best 10 cryptos. Has decent liquidity depending on the token. Markets are volatile
3/ Pick the best 10 HIVE and HE tokens HIVE has good liquidity, LEO is ok for few hundred $ every day and the rest try to cash over $50 without crashing the price. Markets are very volatile

Which one sounds most diverse if you had to pick one?

There's nothing wrong with any one of those, depends on your tolerance to risk. I would say as we move up, we have more to protect making safer options like gold are index stocks more appealing. If you have a net worth of $500, you can justify going all-in on a scam token that pays 10% per day (not financial advice). If it lasts 20 days, you double your net worth. If you lose, whatever, you get back to $500 easy from zero. If you had a net worth of $100k+ you might invest differently because if you lose it, it's not so easy to get back to that $100k.

What does your portfolio look like?

Not interested in the amounts, more the percentages are ballpark figures. I think it'll be interesting to see what tokens others hold, if they have stocks, metals, private pensions, etc. Im guessing a few people will be 90%+ all crypto in HIVE/HE tokens and there will be some at the other end of the scale where HIVE might translate to -10% of their total holding.

So where are all your riches being held? Who's been hiding the gems?

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I'm invested in a mix of 1, 2 and 3. I do cherry pick different investment classes, but invest in crypto also, where in the Hive world I like to diversify in diverse HE tokens.

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I am old and I am all in on Hive, and the H-E 4,000 hive tokens, CTP 32,000+, and sports over 1,000,000 and SPI, EDS and ctpm, index, and a few others worth around 5,000 total for now working on making more

Miners are good tokens to hold. You most have near crapped a brick when you seen the 50% jump yesterday, haha.

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It is nice but I still have 1 1/2 years to go on my plan so the price when up is nice but not that important for now unless it moons to 10.00 per hive then well we can dream lol

Is it smart to state here in open how many BTC one has? I think better not. What is not known, can´t be confiscated :) I know, a bit paranoid.

Also no Igor can call you and ask for it as it has happened in many cases. :)

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Like the weekly earning and holding reports?

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Thanks bro

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Thanks for sharing very educative, more bull run will be expected hope we buy more for much increase.


Thanks for checking out the post

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Sadly, most of my portfolio is in traditional cash savings. It's there for the security since we have to pay off an interest only mortgage in the future. It was fine, moving it around, until interests rates went to practically zero but I'm not confident/kmowledgeable enough to move it to a riskier investment this late in the game.

Overall, we will probably still be better off than if we'd taken out a repayment mortgage.

I have a relatively small amount in BTC, tiny amount in LTC and small/tiny amounts in various Hive tokens. I never sell to Fiat and have difficulty buying in a Bull market. I also have difficulty dollar cost averaging. High traditional interest rates suited me best.

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60% hive 40% leo for me, with a little bit of rune and dot. Not the best bag but high potential one, if I had access to lot more Fiat, I'll provably go in on one of them defi tokens too, perhaps Cake,...or something from the Binance smart chain, I'll also take a plunge into AVA tokens of the travala project, consolidate profits and buy bitcoin. But, here's where its at for now

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Ofc I got Hive, Leo, CTP, Sports etc from the Hive-universe. Otherwise I have some BTC, BCH, Rune, ETH and Uni =)
There are so many projects so it's so hard to keep up with all good potential investment. My next target is AVA since so many on Leofinance are shilling it