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Ok, Hello Leo Community

A few days back, SPinvest floated the idea of creating a LEO backed investment token and we got back a lot more positive feedback than I was expecting, in fact, it was all positive feedback!! When SPI tokens were first launched, I got called a scammer or was told it was a stupid idea because in theory, anyone can themselves do what SPinvest was doing so all the great questions and support offered was mind-blowing. Anyways, that was a long time ago and we have a good reputation now (i think) within the HIVE/LEO ecosystems. The feedback on that post was amazing and verified to me that we have to launch this token.


Even if we did not what to, I think the LEO community wants this and who are we to let good people down? Plus we really want to create it as well, the first token to be priced and valued in LEO, not even LEO are its miners are valued in LEO. You will beable to trade LBI for whatever you like on HE but it will be issued, valued and priced in LEO on weekly reports in the same way the SPI fund is valued in HIVE. If it sounds complicated, it's not. Hive is the base token for all HE tokens, this you understand. LEO will be the base token for LeoBacked Investments (LBI) tokens. See, easy peasy leo squeezy.

To the point

This project is going to happen, i have already created the token but we have a problem. Can you spot it?
Yep, that's right. Where's the token logo?

That's the point of today's post. Let's have an old fashioned token logo design contest and have the winning design voted in by the community. I know that we have a lot of talented people on here so getting a cool range of different designs to pick from would be awesome. We have 2-3 weeks before token launch and this seems like a perfect way to fill the gap and get to know everyone a little better.

So, whos up for it?

LBI token logo content!!!

simple RULES

  • You have 1 week from this post is uploaded to submit your design
  • Submit your design in the comments below (gif's will be accepted)
  • Max 3 entry's per person

After 1 week and all designs are submitted

  • 3-day vote to cull 50-75% of designs depending on how many entries there are.
  • Designs that remain will have 3 days to make any amendments if desired
  • Final Vote to pick a winner will take 5 days

The winner gets 50 LBI
2nd and 3rd get 15 LBI each

Here's something i put together in 5 minutes, im lying, it took me at least 25 minutes but it here's a simple example of something. Im actually a little bummed because the colours show up very faded after copy/pasting.


Your design can be anything, just keep in mind that your design will be viewed as a 1cm circle when attached to the token so bold designs with maybe no wording would be best. You're free to submit whatever you like, we don't even mind if you submit joke designs for fun, it's all good and we are here to have a good time.

Any questions, feel free to ask below and someone will get back to you as soon as



REBLOG this post to your followers, the more involved the better!

note - LBI tokens are not official LEO tokens, we're big fans

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Here's my contribution. There are four images (png @720x720) but really, they are just variations of one image. I made it as a simple yet hopefully distinct variation on the already-existing LEO logos. I also used your example as an inspiration starting point :D ...can adjust/alter if/as reqd.


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That last one is a very nice, deffo the bottom 2 are my fav's. Nice and simple design.

Excellent stuff, we are off to the races :)

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

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I enjoyed doing it - as per post instructions :D ....my fav is #3!

Wishing you all the best and hope that you may find a design that matches.

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Great stuff, lovin the entries. which one of these is your fav? are top 2?

I like the first one

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Number 3

What about the center one, but without the lion?

That one is great!

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So you wanted this LBI token to be available for all the Trading pairs? and if its a LEO Backed Token, which gonna have the exact same price as LEO if im right? why not use the LEO token instead for the winner prize? lol
What i meant is if they want to convert in into LBI then they can send the LEO back to you, or if they wanted to sell the LEO well they could easily do it, Just my suggestion :D

If i won a contest for a token logo design, i would want the token as my prize but that's just me.

The LBI token price will increase so it'll not be pegged to LEO. It'll just be valued in LEO. It's a LEO fund so we should value it in LEO. SPinvest could look into wrapping all it's tokens and offering them up on uniswap with trading pairs but that's a long time off and it'll one step at a time for now.

Thank you for the interesting comment, you've gave me something to think about.

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If i won a contest for a token logo design, i would want the token as my prize but that's just me.

Me too personally :)

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Best of luck on your contest! Sounds like a great project... How would the token work exactly?

It will work similar to SPInvest (SPI).

The LBI token is sold direct for LEO. This will be used to stake and either curate or lease out depending upon the return. This will help to keep more LEO off the liquid market while also adding to the platform. It enables people to enjoy passive growth while also receiving weekly dividends.

It is a project meant to grow one's wealth over time. It is not a get rich quickly program. This will also be linked, possibly, with other projects or asset classes.

One of the big advantages is the token holders can actively help the LBI token value by getting involved in things such as writing posts, upvoting on those posts, and heading up different projects.

Collectively, it is something that can help to make everyone involved more money.

The SPI token went on sale 20 months ago at 1 HIVE (STEEM at that time) and is now valued at over 4 hive.

That is a sensational return.

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what he said :)

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It's great to have a contest, It will help create a buzz around this project for sure. I cant wait to see all the details about this little gem and vote for the logo too!

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Hoopefully we can get a few people involved and get a great design for this new token.

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This might be too early to present but I want to make this point.

SPI, which this project is based upon, started selling at 1 Hive (STEEM) 20 months ago. There were 100K tokens that were put out there.

As of the last report, the value of the assets backing the token amount to 4.17 HIVE. That is a 4.17X in 20 months.

Could someone do that on their own? Possibly but not likely.



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Here is my design :D

JPEG Image


PNG Format


JPEG Image


PNG Format




Blog Link : https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@shrazi/my-contribution-to-logo-design-contest


I know i should'nt but i like the bottom the best :)

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Thanks for appreciation and for the contest that you open for everyone :)

Have a nice day!

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Great initiative - a LEO based investment club. Exactly what this community was missing still.
But how can the LBI traded against LEO? On HE/Leodex everything can only be traded against Swap.hive.

good question.

Manual token sales my friend. You send us LEO and we issue you tokens, no exchange required. This ensures all LBI tokens are backed by LEO.

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hmmm if just HE have the same ecosystem as the Bitshares Based DEX, we could simply pair and trade every tokens for every other tokens :(

We can create wrapped version of LBI, SPI and EDS tokens in future and pair them over against each other on uniswap but that will be 3-6 months down the road i think.

Yes, it's surprising that it's not been created yet, would seem like a good move for hive-engine. If they offered a wrapped service for the tokens they host, HIVE token liquidity pooling could become a huge economy in itself. Maybe it's really hard to do, im not sure.

But yes agree, we should have something like that. It would be awesome. Having HIVE projects on Uniswap would be super bullish for HIVE and LEO

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My 2nd Entry for the Contest


PNG Format








Blog Link : https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@shrazi/my-creation-for-logo-design-contest

Ohh, thats very nice. The gif one might give someone a seizure but the still's are very nice.

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Wow, Yes GIF is just for fun hehe :) My luck that you like the still ones.
here is another GIF I tried, I create eyes blinking OK, but not get success to moves his hair like a wind :(

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