My Adventures with SPINVEST!!!

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For the longest time I was the TOP HODLER of SPINVEST TOKENS!!
It was quite the excellent investment, because it took a long-term losing investment (Steem) and turned it into a long term WINNER. It was doing well, even on that old turd, the Steem platform. We were gaining even as Steem was dropping slowly. Then something magical happened... HARDFORK!


HF21 may never be a household word outside of "The HIVE" but it is basically my high-water mark, along with January 2018 when Steem hit $8.50 and I was basically a $50,000 DOLPHIN. Except I did NO PROFIT TAKING. So after HF21 I decided that I would not get caught like that again... and kept stacking in SPINVEST. SPINVEST is LIQUID HIVE POWER, the Club, (started by @silverstackerUK) "buys" your Hive, powers up into HIVE POWER and leases that out. Great Concept!

Back to HF21, well, we now have double tokens, the exchange rates between Hive and Steem were very good for traders. AS A CLUB, we traded our way to a basic 2-bagger, led by the genius of SSUK and the members, discussing strategies and making solid moves. I figure that SPINVEST had tripled the value of my prior Steem account, and hive. KUDOS!!!

Cashing Out!

Like I mentioned above, I was not going to get caught losing out again, and I cashed out BIG TIME. Perhaps a little Too Big, but I don't look back. That never pays off, don't have time for regrets. But I did make a little bit of a miscalculation. HIVE DROPPED Dramatically, but Spinvest? In HIVE TERMS, it is up OVER 10%!!! Closer to 15% but I am not looking at exact figures right now. Even in a whole-market correction, SPINVEST is riding HIGH. It is due to the Mix of Assets that the CLUB has set in place. It's "about" 40%+ BITCOIN, 40%+ TETHER (USDT) and the balance (<20%) is the hive leases, some silver and a mix of other things. The TETHER performs a couple of critical functions. First, it anchors the account of the club in times of market volatility. It also provides the payout mechanism. Having 40%+ in Tether is a genius move!

My Timing was impeccable, I front-ran the HIVE Market drop, which preceded the overall market BULL, more details
but then everything Dropped 🤦‍♂️ So where am I now? I am doing very good, except that despite ALL these moves and deals, I am only a bit ahead of where I would have been had I stayed with SPINVEST! IT IS HARD TO BEAT YOUR RETURNS WITH SPINVEST, VERY DIFFICULT!! Had a kept better detailed records, I could give an exact figure but I would have had to locked my profits into BITCOIN or a Stable coin, to avoid the market plunge. Most of that is back, I'm happy, but I am tweaking my strategy for my personal funds to more closely mimic the great returns, and profit retention that Spinvest not only promises, but DELIVERS.

Ghost-written by @underground; @spinvest-neo
(disclaimer: all coin mentions are incidental to the interview, the interviewee and the daily author, always be sure to DYODD before investing or reallocating other coin... Mentions here are NOT endorsed by SPInvest, the club or any associated accounts.)

PS: I had seen this screenshot TODAY at dinner time, but had a glitch and then shut down for system maintenance shortly afterward... Darn right I tried to CASH OUT, but the system has safeguards I guess LOL

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