Should SPinvest get into Splinters Lands?

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Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post
SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of social blockchains. Everyone is welcome! The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. This lets SPinvest offer an ROI of 20% per year on SPI tokens. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from @spinvest are through the steem-engine are dex.steemleo exchanges.




Hello, its about time SPinvest started up a STEEM MONSTERS account and started to get involved with all the fun happening. We all know what Steem Monsters is and must of us already hold some cards and play the game so it's makes sense for a few club members to get together and run an account for SPinvest.

Would you be interested in playing some STEEM MONSTERS for SPinvest?

I, SSUK own cards but have never played. It's just not my sort of thing but i am very aware that this game is very popular and it has many players playing every day. My contribution would be delegating cards from my stack for free and with no time limit to the SPinvest SM account. I have never played so i don't know the worth of my cards but im told i have a few good ones. Here is a link to my cards.

If you would be interested, drop a comment below :)



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In terms of the fund, I think the focus should be on investing in cards as assets and renting them out for passive income, rather than actively playing.


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I'd agree 100 % with this suggestion. Playing the game for profit requires a decent, everyday time commitment. Buying cards to lease out is much more relevant to our general approach, and less time consuming.

I'd be good with running a trial through spinvest-leo if you want. I have some experience renting cards out, or if someone else wants to I'd be happy to help.

I would love to help
But we should better wait because we don't know wether peakmonsters will be providing services to hive or not.

I think in general holding fire till after they swap to hive would be wisaise before any investment in splinterlands is considered. Could be a good time to pick up cards soon, some of the player base wants nothing to do with hive and may quit the game.

It'll take a few weeks to form a plan. I dont think anyone will have the time to play the game as from what im understanding, it needs to be played everyday. It looks like leasing out the cards are using a auto playing bot are the best 2 options

I think it's past its peak for an investment, but if the fund wanted to try a small amount I am all for it.

Totally agree as with everything on this chain get in first make money get in late and help payoff the ones ahead of you. Yeah i know sounds like a pyramid

exactly. It is hard to find "evergreen" games or projects on here. We are trying with HIVEquest (used to be SteemQuest) we are going on 2 years now.
nextcolony and other games are gone, I worry for Splinterlands long term, but short term may still have a small ability for a return with leasing.

There tokenomics make zero sense.
They have no form of income or substansial enough to make it work.
People need to buy for the game to continue.
If noone bought anything and everyone sold what would happen?
End game similar to whats happened with holybred but sped up rapidly due to devs giving up and people have stop investing therefore no income to support buyback which is where players make money.
A game needs to be able to manage no more buyins yet maintain payouts.
This can only happen with advertising profits but none do simply because they are not big enough.
Splinterlands has 3k players max inc multiple acc etc.
No company out there would spend a penny advertising with them doesnt make any financial sense.
There are rumours they are considering there own fork possibly another money grab and to keep the game going that bit longer who knows.

True. They tried to copy the MTG economics.
How would you fix the economics ? just advertising ? What about merch sales ?

Advertising is the first option but obviuosly users dictate advertising revenue.
Merch sales is a good idea.
Post promotions? Authors pay to get featured to attract more followers and votes maybe.
I am sure if there was a brinstorming setion ideas would pop up but dont think anyones even considered that as the aim seems to be put something together quick create fomo and sit back. Longevity has never been a consideration imo
Fine example is all the tribes not one will stand the test of time. Some will fail quicker than other but failure is inevitable

Yep. I have been in game design for over 20 years and very few companies think about Longevity, only quick sales.
I have always enjoyed longevity as a goal. That is why I do indie design now.

It seems the quick flip money is in the crypto space. Eventually it will go away as the markets mature. That is the path of all emerging markets.

I have a few decent cards in my stack and i don't currently use them. SPinvest can lease them for a profit if someone what to do the work. Zero investment, only profit for SPinvest

@simplegame - Do you use discord? what's your handle please?

Renting out the cards is one option but the rental market is very flat at the moment and PeakMonster who run it have not confirmed that they will continue to do so when SL moves to Hive on June 1st. They may start it up again but at the moment they are sorting out the that buying and selling will be their first priority.

The main issue is that people will no longer be able to purchase/rent cards with Steem/SBD so they will have to be bought with DEC or ingame credits.

I had a quick look at your summoners and, if you level them up you should be able to get 2 sets of L4s which is Silver Level, although these days they play much higher. I haven't checked out the other cards in detail but it looks like there are enough there to play all Splinters. They may be certain cards you need to make it optimal or to level up.

On that basis I think the best way to go, right now, would be to use VC's botting service and get them botted. It costs $5 a month. L4s can get to Diamond I which means 60 cards earned at the end of the season plus cards, DEC and potions for completion of the daily quests. You could also enter them into tournaments.

There are other chances afoot in SL that will make this less possible in the future but for now it works well.

So for $5 per month, i can have some bot play my cards and win me my more cards, DEC and potions whatever they are (can they be sold?)

Auto-playing bot service. I thought that sort of stuff was only be used internally

And i should combine my cards?

It's $5 per month, per account or 3 accounts for $10.

DEC can be sold. Potions can't. Best to keep those to open any orbs you might win to increase your chances of getting a gold or legendary card.

There is a guy called VCdragon who runs a bot playing service. Just so you know . . . it is a very contentious issue. There are lots of haters around it.

I would recommend combining your cards into 2 separate accounts. You could have an Alpha one and a Beta one botted with Level 4 summoners (subject to a closer look at the cards).

If would be possible to convert the alphas to betas and then have a higher level single account but I wouldn't do that. Alphas are already more valuable since there are fewer of them so worth hanging onto in my opinion.

You would also need to move one set of cards into another account and then purchase a $10 spellbook for that account, in order to be able to earn from them.