SPinvest welcomes 2021 with open arms - Bring it on!

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Happy new year everyone!!! It is the holidays are not? It's been so busy round here, i've not noticed. Here we are, 2021! The year we have been waiting on, maybe not you personally but me...I have been waiting for 2021 since 2018 and i know others will be the same. What's so special about 2021?



Most of us will be aware that the crypto market runs in cycles of 4ish years. Some say the market cycle is 4 years based on the BTC halving and others say the cycle lets a little longer each time. It's up for debate as BTC halving events will have less impact each time they happen meaning cycles will naturally lengthen. We are talking decades before this debate can be put to rest but right now the cycles are around 4 years. Here at SPinvest, we are always talking about long term investing but when you have a project running for almost 2 years, long term plans soon become medium-term plans and within the year, short term plans.

2021 runs in line with 2017 and 2013 which were both super bullish for crypto markets. This is the short of it, this is why most of us are hoping 2021 will live up to expectations.

Will it?

I am personally banking on it. Now we need to remember that we, you and i live in a crypto bubble. Crypto is not something the everyday person talks about, people in general will have heard of Bitcoin and a few others but will have no idea how to use them. We are very niche and even with Bitcoin hitting almost $30k, not even reported in the news that much. Google trending shows that interest in crypto searches are nowhere near 2017 peaks leaving lots of the room for growth.

I would say that most people invested in crypto have been so from 2017-18 since the last boom and bust cycle and we know what's coming. We saw the bullrun of 2013 and then the repeat in 2017 which many of us were not prepared for. But this time...this time round we can guess with better accuracy what the markets will be doing toward the end of this new year. I dont think us knowing the crypto prices are going to explode this year has any real impact as we are not the fresh meat (new money). Using our experiences from past cycles, we can better put ourselves into a position were we can build some real wealth and ensure the fund retains most of its peak value went he time comes.

We will have some hard decision's to make in the coming year and they will be mostly emotional as we love our cryptos. Think about your stack of crypto whatever it's dollar is, chances are you've been saving that stack for a while now and you've become somewhat attached to it, some tokens more than others. Now think about your most prized token hitting all time highs, could you sell it all? What will you do with the money when you do sell it? reinvest into another crypto that hitting ATH's are crazy new ICO, put it into the bank and pay your taxes? are just leave it there and watch its value drop from 2022 until 2024? Many of us took the last option in 2017, turned out to be the wrong option. You what im getting at?

Im getting at the fact that SPinvest this time next year might consist of mostly a stable token. If we can sell out our crypto holding excluding HIVE and LEO somewhere near the next cycle peak, we could have a lot of dollars sitting in an account for 12-18 months waiting to re-enter the market. We can use something like Nexo to earn on that cash while we wait. The important thing here is we will be preserving the value earned from the coming bullrun and using that advantage to re-enter the market when its weak and give ourselves a stronger position.

I will revisit this post in a years time and see if i was right are wrong. We all know market cycles happen and 2021 is one of those years that is destined for greatness.



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I think many of us felt the sting in 2017/2018. I think if finding a stable coin or something that offers a solid staking reward is good idea.

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Its always good to preserve wealth, why lose half and have to wait twice as long to just get even. I like the way your thinking!

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Hey @spinvest,
Sorry to jump in with something a bit off-topic.
Do you mind having a look at the Hivebuzz proposal we made for 2021 and why not casting your vote on it so that our team can continue with its work of gamifying Hive and motivating users? That would be much appreciated.

Have a Happy New Year ✨🥂✨