SUNDAY/UNDY/FUNDAY (Stable Returns Recap)

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This is when I don't have any other 'prepared' materials, the interviews I have sent out are not exactly flying back to me... I did get a couple, and they are good, but we're not quite to the point where we are doing that material just yet. Still focusing on the foundational members of the SPI Club.


I have an UPDATE on "Stable Returns" and the hot topic, buzz-word of the moment, DEFI.
Seems my prior feature, COMP is bouncing back rather well.

COMP: $209.38 +10.3% (24 hours)

Unfortunately, between my recent unemployment and changing platforms (Bye-Bye COINBASE!!!GFY you thieves🤣) I sold my COMP and quit buying automated weekly buys. That's fine, I'd barely be into profit (max of around $200) and I did move and convert the funds, which are doing Even Better!

XTZ: $3.40 +3.28%

Coulda, Woulda, SHOULDA! OK as you may remember, XTZ or Tezos (tezzies) hit a yearly high of $4.38 and I did not sell. Same time as BTC pumped to over $12k but then the profit taking Bears moved in and ate some. That's OK too, I am still getting 6% in dividends, so HODL is still in order. I may turn some over to a higher yield soon, but onyl on an upswing. I think $5 might be the next target. I wonder what @haejin thinks?? 🤩

ETH: $414.52 +3.67%

I still have the 32 eth which makes me eligible for ETH 2.0 but I will likely just keep these all on my new platform. I do not recall, but I think these were all bought just under or in the low $200.00 price range. So pretty happy with the gains, and the new platform is paying divs on any amount staked over 1 ETH. Coinbase? No Divs. GFY, CB 🤣

...the NEW PLATFORM!...

I'm moving everything to and the reason I was so happy with everything is that they have their own coin. So do lots of other places, but the CDC coin is called CRO and it was under 11c when I first started buying them. It's now running .177 which is a great gain! So I am very happy with that. EVEN BETTER, CRYPTO.COM is officially coming out of BETA... I have had basically Zero Issues with the application, my only issue was doing the staking backwards for the debit card but I got that sorted out. I staked coins before I was ready to get the card, so I just staked more coins in the proper area as opposed to voiding a transaction and starting over, which would have been a customer service nightmare. Maybe LOL
I expect a big sales push with CDC exiting BETA, and the attendant PUMP of the CRO coins... Again, this is not "investment advice" and DYODD and YMMV and all that, but this really seem like a good opportunity to join CDC and get some CRO coins before these things are too hot to handle in the near future! Plus they are awarding $50 in CRO if you join. I got mine and so did @shadow42 for reffing me. I have mine in CRO and it's booming. It's a great compliment to my HIVE Accounts and everything else. CDC is the wave of the future, you can buy, sell, stake, trade, speculate and invest from one platform. OH: it's also 100% USA Compliant and the debit card is issued from a US bank too. Seems this is a FIRST for a crypto platform. EASY conversions from crypto to U$D and so far, NO FEES! But I also staked CRO at the 10,000 level. One can get in for 1000 CRO staking, and get a card issued. Here's mine:

Leo isn't working I will upload from Hive UI

Ghost-written by @underground; @spinvest-neo

(disclaimer: all coin mentions are incidental to the interview, the interviewee and the daily author, always be sure to DYODD before investing or reallocating other coin... Mentions here are NOT endorsed by SPInvest, the club or any associated accounts.)

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