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without further adieu... SILVERTOP!

1/ When and how did you find out about Steem/HIVE and what prompted you to start and continue posting?
I started investing in crypto, day trading on Coinbase. Then I saw Steem being traded on Coin Market Cap.....
What can post and earn...I was hooked!

2/ How did you find out about SPINVEST and what appealed to you to make you sign up?
I was reading a post from @silverstackeruk ....Off platform investments, a good way to diversify that sounded good!

3/ How long ago and what first got you interested in precious metals, or Crypto, or both? (your choice)
As a child, about age 8, I bought a BU 1921 Morgan silver dollar encased in a plastic paperweight at a yard sale for $1.00:sunglasses: I proceeded to take it home and chiseled it out with a hammer and screwdriver. I still have that same Morgan silver dollar today.

4/ In your own mind. What type of INVESTOR would you class yourself as if you could only pick one type and why? (crypto, physical, or w/e you like)
Whatever you like, because I am a 'if you don't hold it, you don't own it' silver/gold investor; a mining investor; and crypto following close behind.

5/ Do you plan your precious metal (or Crypto) buys with goals in mind or do you go with the flow and stack here and there?
Planned for years, I was the silver 'pusher' at the shop I used to work at. We got paid monthly, and I was the one to do the LCS run for everyone...."What can I put you down for this Month?" Some people would freak out if the spot price dropped ....Now, I just go with the flow!

6/ Being an 'OG' member and watching SPINVEST from the beginning, (or even a Johnny-come-lately) where do you think we are headed? Can we get any better or have we peaked?
It's always good to diversify. Don't put all your silver/gold/crypto in one basket, lol.

7/ If you could only stack 1 coin, bar OR round. Which coin/series/bar would you pick and why? Likewise, what Crypto Investment would you home in on?
Tough question, I have to answer this one wrong, lol.
silver: stacking for volume one ounce generic rounds.
gold: hard to go wrong with a gold sovereign. They have been treasured for 100's of years, plus you can pick up old dates like you can with a Morgan dollar, for spot plus premium pricing. How nice!
crypto: after trading many alt coins, I am now sticking with the big guns for the moment. Call this Blue Chip Crypto Investing; BTC, LTC, ETH, and of course... both of our blockchains.

8/ On a scale of 1-10 scoring yourself on stackitis stress levels. What would be your highest level ever raised, what were your symptoms and how did you overcome it? PMs, Cryptos or both.
Zero!! I always dollar cost average, so it doesn't really matter, don't tell @kerrislravenhill!!

9/ Scenario – You are in a well known, legit Crypto Exchange, and see something unbelievable, let's just say you see BitCoin for like $1500, and you have a large amount of one of their trading pairs available. Suppose $15,000 in LTC. Do you buy as much BTC as possible? Do you tell anyone as quickly as possible or do you try and raise more cash? Think of a Flash-Crash scenario.
Where is this exchange at, because I am trying to sell some LTC to buy some BTC at the moment and I want in on this deal!

10/ What’s your favorite food ever? Make it more interesting if you wish, favorite food/drink combos? For example, McD's Burger, Fries, Coke? lol
I am an @acitfit moderator, and I hike miles into the hills every day. So give me a rising crust pizza with the works and I'll burn all the calories off after I consume the whole thing!

Bonus Questions!!! I asked SilverTop a couple of extra Q's because it seemed appropriate, I know his wife is on here and he has other projects which he mentioned above...

A. It seems you married UP, tell us more about @elizabethbit. Your wife is in that hot "Ladies of SSG" girl band which has the
fantasticly beautiful SilverSaver888 as one of the ring leaders...
@elizabethbit; NUMBERS.........YES she is a numbers person, photographic memory; scary at times. She can recall numbers from years ago, very good for crypto trading! My best friend; married 39 years this past July 11th. Dead shot with a 9mm, but couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a 22! LOL
Lead vocal for our band!

B. Maybe have you talk a little bit more about Actifit, I personally am interested. I want to get a phone app and do the activity tracking. Maybe a few words about good apps and/or devices like the fitbit stuff?
Acitifit - minimum 5000 steps and you are rewarded with free crypto. Anyone can get 5000 steps easy in a day. Maximum of 10,000 steps takes you to rewards level 2. They put a ceiling on the step rewards max because of people trying to abuse the system. You can walk as many as you do but above 10,000 does not net more. I average 15,000-20,000 on a normal day. I challenge you to beat my steps, lol! You need the actifit app downloaded on your phone, and everyone with a HIVE account automatically has an account! Nothing to sign up for. You will earn AFIT tokens plus upvotes and you can also purchase AFITX tokens that raise your rank and will give you higher rewards. Important to post daily as if you skip, your rank goes down. It's an incentive to keep active and healthy and get your steps.
Gadgets: when you start getting AFIT tokens from your posts, head over to the market page on and purchase gadgets to increase your returns. There are many gadgets that are just simple cost of AFIT tokens and when they expire, they are a guarantee of positive ROI AFIT tokens. A win/win!
Devices- Your phone is fine; just download the actifit app from wherever you get your apps from. You can carry your phone as long as you turn your phone app on, it will log. However, we see so many posts where people forget to boot the app up and they lose out, or they forget their phone. The solution is to get a FitBit. Both @elizabethbit and I prefer the FitBit Versa. It looks kind of like an Apple Watch. It has an altimeter built into it so you can see how many uphill floors you've done for the day. There is the Versa Lite (no altimeter and a little cheaper) or the FitBit Charge 3 which is cheaper still and I believe it has the altimeter as well, but looks more girlie. The FitBits count steps more accurately, and you don't need your phone with you at all; just sync prior to doing your post. The Versa runs around $130.

So there we have it, a good little bit about SILVERTOP and a quick intro to ElizabethBit!

Ghost-written by @underground; @spinvest-neo

(disclaimer: all coin mentions are incidental to the interview, the interviewee and the daily author, always be sure to DYODD before investing or reallocating other coin... Mentions here are NOT endorsed by SPInvest, the club or any associated accounts.)

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Who is this @silvertop Lol!😇😀🤗

Nice to get to know @silvertop, and the short introduction to @elizabethbit. It seems I have to look for a fitbit as I'm one of those who always forgets her phone when walking the dogs ... Thanks for this extra questions @underground, I didn't know the advantages of the fitbit. So learned something here.

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A Fitbit makes it easy to just enjoy the day, and earn crypto!😀

That's much more easy as taking your phone with you all the time ... I forget my phone too often

Much simpler my friend, have a good evening!

Thanks @silvertop, I'll keep this in mind, and while I'm enjoying my morning time, I wish you a great evening.