Trump Tokens - Will he get re elected ? Yes are No? Put your money were your mouth is!!

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Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post
SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of social blockchains. Everyone is welcome! The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. This lets SPinvest offer an ROI of 20% per year on SPI tokens. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from @spinvest are through the hive-engine exchange


Launching next Friday!!


Trump Tokens!!

Who do you think will win the next US Presidential election? Who do you want to win? Will Trump get another 4 years in office are will the States get a new next President with frontrunner looking to be Joe Biden? There are still 116 days until the next presidential voting take place. SPinvest will be providing a weekly post for token holders can get updated on election news and use the comments as a place to debate with others about policies, tax, etc. These posts will be released every Friday from @spinvest and include Trump tokens updates and stats also.

What are Trump tokens?

Trump tokens are a fun way to get involved in the upcoming 2020 election offering HIVE users a chance to take a punt on predicting whether Donald Trump will get re-elected are not. This project will finish on the same day as the winner is announced and payouts will follow within 24 hours.

There are 2 Trump tokens


If you believe are think Trump will win the 2020 Presidential election, you what to buy Blue Trump Yes tokens

If you believe are think Trump will not win the 2020 Presidential election, you what to buy Red Trump No tokens

Tokens official launch is Friday the 17th July


How it works

Decide whether Trump will be a win and be re-elected in 2020 are weather he will lose and be kicked out of office and buy with the YES or NO token. All monies from both token sales are collected into 1 fund and after the election is over and we have a winner, the owners of the winning token will get their money back plus a split of the losers pool.

  • Each Trump Yes/No token will be issued at 1 HIVE each
  • Offical sales will start on the 17th of July and finish on the 27th of October, 1 week before the election
  • All monies collected from token sales are held by SPinvest for safekeeping until the election result is released.


Simple enough, I don't think I need to explain the maths. You pick your side and put your money where your mouth is. You either win are you lose based on the outcome. Think of these like a betting slips, you buy them and hold them until the result. I guess they could be traded but I don't see it.

If you are 100% sure of the result one way are the other, you can't lose.

After the election when the vote is announced

Winners get PAID!
SPinvest will release a post to include final numbers, how much the winners will be receiving per token owned and when they will receive their payment.

Trump tokens sale starts Friday the 17th of July !!

Full details about how to buy will be detailed in the launch post


Q/ Do Trump tickets pay out any sort of dividend?
A/ No

Q/ Where is monies from tokens sale held?
A/ All monies from tokens sales are held by SPinvest within its main account wallet which can be seen by anyone.

Q/ Can I cash Trump's tokens before the election takes place?
A/ Yes, you can sell them on the hive-engine exchange

Q/ How long before I receive my tokens?
A/ All newly issued tokens are sent out with 6 hours but can take up to 24 hours if busy.

Q/ How can I get in contact with you?
A/ Visit the SPinvest discord server and tag silverstackeruk to your question


SPinvest's content is contributed by @silverstackeruk, @underground, @no-advice, @metzli & @taskmaster4450

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Really nice idea! I hope I won't forget to buy those tokens

There will be reminders, lmao 😀

Thanks for checking out the post and dropping some feedback

A great idea. This is one of the use cases for tokens. I am excited to see SPInvest getting involved in this.

Sadly, I am not a political expert since I think it is all rubbish so my "expertise" is lacking in this area. That said, the MSM has Biden way ahead so there is that.

I wonder how approaching this with a hedge will both sides of the equation.

I guess that goes against the spirit of what is trying to be accomplished.

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It's a fun idea and should bring about some interaction in the comments. Im no expert myself but I can regurgitate information I read. haha.

If token sales are very 1 sided, their might present a chance to do some arbitrage which we could take advantage of if nobody else sees it first. lol.

It's a 5-month project take should be a bit of fun and the weekly posts could turn into a great place for people to chat about what's been happening the past week. Another side goal is to show how easy it is to create a token with another purpose other than investing and that projects can have end dates. These tokens will last 5 months and then I'll have them removed from hive-engine.

I have already gone ahead and created the tokens :)

Yeah. It is interesting to think about.

For example, if the token purchases lean one way, it might be worth taking the opposite position in the event of that side winning and paying out even better. Or perhaps just taking a small position with the intention of hedging the other side (kind of like buying puts when holding a stock as a hedge).

It will be interesting to hear people's thoughts on this and how they approach it.

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It would be simple to work out the odds people are getting as tokens are sold :)

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Very well written post, Humorous and appears to be totally neutral to boot! To riff off of @taskmaster4450le's thoughts, I was thinking that if one side is totally in the bag, one could go opposite and maybe have a big payday.

But furthermore, predictions saying Biden is ahead are even more suspect than the ones that said Killary would win in '16... Because all the non-political polling of what I believe will be this year's "issues" favors Trump. HEAVILY. Defining oneself and the issues will be what wins this year.

PLUS, vote fraud is really the only thing that made it look "CLOSE" for Killary, I went to bed early that night knowing Trump had it in the bag and he also had a MILLION VOTE LEAD. He still won, but the dims pulled about 4 million outta their asses by the time all the dust settled, WEEKS LATER.
This also has to stop, giving them weeks to manufacture votes. But it was all in states 'she won' anyway, so it did nothing to sway the electoral college.

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When i google it, it looks as if Biden is winning. You know me, I personally don't care who's running are who wins. The plan is already in place and the president is a pawn.

Future posts will contain a little humour to keep it light but also to show I'm not 100% serious/clued up about this.

As far as 1 token outselling the other, smart traders will see this and beable to lock in profits off platform. Think about it

"goog-iots" also had BREXIT losing badly...
But catch this, Google and Facebook analytics BOTH had Trump WINNING prior to the 2016 official election. Those measure web sentiment and NO ONE liked Hillary. They don't rely on slanted polls that over sample hardcore Dims in the major cities. Of course Biden is 'leading', but as we all know, no one is excited about him being the nominee. That factor helps a lot.

Sounds very similar to a Totaliser concept. Good idea man.

Cheers @buggedout

I'll need to do a quick search on Totaliser. I stole the idea, I cant remember the name of the place. It's that crypto prediction exchange were people bet on the outcomes of things.

It's a bit of fun and shows that HE tokens can be created and given a simple use case.

that a great idea, a more nice idea like this are needed in cryptocurrencies

Thank you

There are literary 1000's of things we do with HE tokens. I hope others will see this project and see how easy it is to create a simple token with simple use case.

Thanks for checking out the post and dropping some feedback :)

Well, at least now the demise of the country that lives on top of my country can be profitable.

Please translate... 🤣

Ahahah. I live in the USA and I am Native American. So - the US is literally built on top of me. Worldwide people think Native Americans are "mostly dead" and "scarce" but that is not true, we are here alive, and mostly well, just having a whole country on top of our lifestyle.

aaaahhh yes, I could not agree more.
I proudly proclaim that my great grandmother was 100% Fox Tribe, but that only leaves me at 1/8th. Thank you for that explanation! I have a few friends from Steem who are Native American. @enginewitty grew up 'on the rez' (his words) and also @eaglespirit, she was a military brat and traveled some as a child iirc. I'd love to dig more into the collective Indian History, and it is literally all over my region as well. I live in Indiana, Vigo County. TECUMSEH was from close to this area, he was such a bad-ass it took totally overwhelming force to get him. We have an area in my county which apparently was the site of one of his great victories.
I just did a quick and dirty research during this reply and cleared up some common misconceptions and tales they tell LOL

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Oh shit. I love this. I stumbled across this while looking at H-E. I'm so in. I'll be back after work

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