What is a safe long term investment for 2020?

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Hello everyone, a lot of us are in the same boat and stuck in the house during these bad times. I am from the UK and yesterday it was announced that the lockdown was extended for at least another 3 weeks so that's 3 more weeks sitting in the house. To be fair, im better prepared for these next 3 weeks having bought a few new Xbox games, baking tins for doing bread and a new bike arriving on Monday so if the weather stays nice, that would be a bonus as i would like to be able to put a few hours into the gardens and keep them looking nice. I am actually starting to really enjoy lockdown, stuck in the house all day free to do as i please on 80% pay.

Mr SP Invest's basic lockdown day


10am-1PM - Man Cave time (desktop/music/weed/coffee/food)

1-3PM - Bake something (Bread/cheesecake/buns/pastries)

3PM- dinner time - Xbox/football with the kids, gardening/cleaning

7-8PM - Daily exercise/ walk/cycle

8PM - Bedtime - Man Cave time (desktop/music/weed/tea/snacks)

Mancave time is a mixture between relaxing/researching/writing posts and sometimes watching videos. As far as researching for new investments and opportunities for SPinvest to explore, it is becoming very hard to predict the outcomes of things while governments from around the world are pumping in trillions of dollars and only getting started as well.


When a central bank adds trillions of dollars into an economy, it takes a few years to cause any type of inflation as most of that money is pumped into the stock and investment markets and it just takes years to get filtered down to base users like you and me if that makes sense. This is what happened after 2008 when they started adding trillions instead of billions. The stock and housing markets have gone through the roof while keeping general inflation stable. This we know is a flawed model that fails when either the stock market are housing market bubbles burst. They would, of course, print more bailout money to keep the show going and everything would continue on.

This time is very different as this time governments from around the world are paying private-sector employees wages. I am from the UK and the government has said it will pay 80% up to £2500 per month for at least 12 weeks from the 1st March. I have not missed a payslip and have been paid every week from becoming a furlong worker 4 weeks ago. It's awesome as it's a paid break but im not stupid and i understand this is really super bad for the economy. When money is printed, it normally takes years to reach base users which causes a slow inflation, this time it's as good as going directly into individuals bank accounts which could trigger higher inflation quicker.

When furlonged worker's start the receive big cheques for 4-6 weeks back pay worth $2000-4000, who knows what the average Joe will do with that money. Normally printed money is pumped into the markets. This time around most of it will be wasted buying iPhones/clothes/alcohol/drugs and gambling. Some of it will be used to pay off debt gathered while receiving no pay and very little will be invested into the markets.

As governments are now paying wages to millions of people, i would predict some sort of dollar crush during the 2020's and the introduction of some sort of global currency ran by all governments of the world (American and China). This will force a 1 world government and then it's game over. Those holding assets (property/land/gold/backed assets) will be rewarded, these that don't will pay the price for those that do.

So this brings us to

What is a safe longterm investment in 2020?

SP-500 tracker?
Compounding fiat at 8%?
Property share/rental income?
Fine Wine, rolex watches and fancy nikey limited air jordons? lol

To wrap up

The world is gonna face something epic after this coronavirus thing is past us. It might not be as bad as people are predicting but i have a bad feeling. When every online bullion site is sold of gold and silver, bad things are coming. This is the warning and signal that smart money is stacking up and getting prepared.

I think entering the stocking market within the next month are so could provide a 10-30% gain over the next 6-18 months. Paper gold is mooning and you cant get physical anywhere near spot price. I think by this point, you either have it are you don't. Bitcoin is looking decent but i think it might revisit $5500-6000 again. SPinvest holds over $2000 in tether which easily converts into Bitcoin should there is a huge sudden drop.

I have no idea what is good long term, are what is best for us during these times


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