What number would you sell your BTC for? What's your personal moon?

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SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club experiment open to all HIVE users. The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from hive-engine by search SPI.
SPinvest has a proven history of success

Hello, SPIer's. With the bull market in full swing, it's time to collect some feedback from SPI token holders in regards to selling our BTC and ETH. What's your number? What price would you be happy for SPI to sell it's holding in both to better increase our chances of preserving our gains from the bullrun we are already in?

Today we focus on BTC and ETH because they are our biggest holdings, more so on BTC because ALT's will normally peak out a few weeks after BTC. I dont see any scenario where we power down our HIVE or LEO wallets and I can't see us selling any of our BRO fund tokens so what else is there? We need all these for producing earnings for growth and dividends.


Why sell any at all?

We could HODL long term are we could use the market cycle to our advantage and double are triple up our BTC holdings. Most of us will remember when BTC hit $19.5k in Dec 2017 and when it was trading for under $4k 12 months after in Dec 2018. That's an 80% drop in 1 year. If you had sold at the top and bought at the bottom, you would have 5x more BTC. What if you sold too early for $15k and bought back in too early at $5k, would you beat yourself up on lost gains are would you be happy with 3x more BTC?

There is a risk involved. If our goal is to hold BTC longterm, when we sell it, we are at risk of the price going up and not coming down. If the price were to moon 10x past our selling price, it would be unlikely for us to beable to buy back the same amount of BTC even at the bottom of the next bear market. Our main risk is selling out to early.

More BTC.... the reward is more BTC. If people are saying BTC will hit $200-300k this bullrun, then why not $500k the next bullrun in 4-5 years time? If we hold more than 2 BTC at that time, BOOM, million dollars. Thank you, let's turn it into $5 million :)

My Personal thoughts
I thought I had a good idea of whereabouts we are in the market cycle and in what month we should expect a peak but things are moving fast and im having doubts. I am starting to think the market will peak sooner than expected but still no idea when. We can only react to the market and the sad thing is we will only know the market top 3-4 months after it comes in and we can see it clearly in charts. I understand some people will not want to sell any BTC are ETH, I get that but and it will not be easy for me to pull the trigger either but as an investment fund, we should really take advantage of selling things when they go up to preserve some dollar value, giving us a chance at entering to next bullrun with a stronger position could be an epic turning point for SPI. I've never lost money selling something for 5-10x more than I paid for it but I've lost money from HODLing to long.

I think if we sell at $200k which is 10x the last market peak, we can't go wrong even if it goes $500k before the bubble pops. Some people are saying because institutional is entering the market, the pullbacks will not be as aggressive. Not really thinking about the buyback price, this bull runs top will help us with that number for when we need it. Traditionally, the price will correct just over 80% each time and selling at $200k would still afford us 2 BTC if tradition stays true.

I personally think the reward outweighs the risk based on past history. I believe this strategy will only work for 1 are 2 more market cycles. After that, the crypto market will be to mature, prob worth tens of trillions of dollars and the days of 20% green candles will be long gone and Elon Musk tweets only move the price a fraction of a percentage (still worths tens fo billions). If we are going to turn SPI into something worth something, we have to take advantage of these opportunities while there are available.

What price do think BTC will peak at this bullrun?

What price would you be happy to see and then think, oh SPinvest is selling our BTC. YES!!! with a fist pump!

What would that number be for you? Even if you would prefer to HODL, what would that number be?

Do you think BTC can go to? $300k?, are even $500k? What around $100k? would you be happy for SPI to have $100k in the bank ready to buy everything on sale during the next bear market? What would your personal moon price be? Mine is $200k, dont ask me why. I just figure it went 20x in 2017 so it could go 10x in 2021. It might go higher than that, it could go on a violent last run to $300-400k or it might never go past $100k. For me, I would be happy to sell at $200k, if it continued to go to $300-400k, I would not care. If it never goes to $200k, im happy to wait until it does. What about you?

Let me know in the comments below what price you think BTC will go to

This could all be mute

BTC could be hitting it market cycle peak right now and maybe $50k is as high as it goes, in 4 months time BTC could be trading for under $15k, billions of dollars exit defi and ETH drops to under $400. The whole market would enter crypto winter 2.0 and we'd get back on the grind to prepare better for bullrun 2025.

Im just looking to gather up as much feedback as I can so that I am better able to decide what active token holders want as a whole. Im guessing about 9 out of 10 if not more SPI tokens will not see this post. People are busy and we all miss more posts than we read so I will most likely be writing a post like this again. Reworded in a different way but with the same goal of gathering feedback. We could do some voting but when it boils down to it when the time comes, the market will not wait for us to vote and having a feeling of what SPI token holder are ok with helps greatly. Having lots of feedback from as many tokens holders as possible paints a better picture of what people want.

I understand this is not a game and selling any of the funds BTC balance will not be easy. It's not like oh, BTC has hit $200k, time to sell. Sometimes my actions are seen as robotic and maybe misunderstood but I always delay on selling anything belonging to SPI, I dont mean put it off I mean at the selling screen on whatever exchange in on. I normally have to force myself to sell anything and the process takes 3-4 minutes before I pull the trigger but I have seen myself on the selling screen for 30+ minutes running scenarios over in my head. I understand what im doing, sticking to a plan, might not always be the correct move but I understand why I do things. Just saying, not always easy selling something you want more of but if something goes 5,10-20x, we have to sell are at least take some off the table. This is when we battle with our gut feeling to HODL when crypto is at it peak, this is the feeling you need to learn to go against. Im highly motivated to see SPI dollar value increase over time and cashing out is a very important part of investing and building wealth. There are people that bought SPI tokens for 12 cents and now they are worth over $1.20 each. That sort of shit gives me a buzz. When $5 an SPI token? Go hard (conservatively) are go home! haha


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This is something I've personally been thinking about as well recently. I might sell part of my BTC at $50k. With part I mean something close to the money I invested in the first place, to make sure I never will get into negative territory again. In example: I invested just over €1k, which is now worth about €9k. If I sell €1k worth of BTC now, I still have the other €8k to grow further (although at a little less speed). If the price goes up, I send the €1k back to my savings account and am sure I won't lose money on BTC. If the price goes down, I can use my €1k to buy more BTC at a cheaper price.

However, I'm still not sure whether I should do it or not. It's also tempting to just hodl and see how high (or low) it goes.

I personally think the bullrun is only started and we have a few months of madness left but there's nothing wrong with taking some your starting money off the table to give you a freeroll.

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I hope you're right. Some more months of (positive) madness sounds fun to me! I take some more time to think it over before I decide anyway.

Keep up the good work with SPI and LBI. Love the projects!

I will sell Bitcoin where it is projected to top out near each bull market top every four years only to buy back once it is done correcting, which would historically be after a year from the previous top. In this cycle, the price range to sell at would be between $200k and $400k. Next cycle, who knows, maybe millions.

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Ok, so that's the same plan as described above. I personally think this is the best plan to build up a nice BTC balance over the cycles.

Next cycle, ????? Im with you? At least $800k but more likely over a million $

Could be in the millions depending on what entities will join the BTC bandwagon then. If central banks start stacking up on BTC, then the price can go extremely high.

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This is a classic dilemma of HODLing vs. Trading.
And what do you value more - Bitcoin or fiat?

Personally, I'd like to wait what comes next in the institutional FOMO. How soon cos. like APPLE take the plunge . And if it happens, I'd like to hold BTC somewhere until $350K - $400 range before selling a part of it. But this may need a re-evaluation at that point.

It all boils down to fiat. I love BTC and silver and gold but they are priced in fiat.

No plans to sell any of SPI's BTC for under $100k so lots of time. Not sure if other companies will follow Telsa and buy BTC. I knew Apple has a bank account balance richer than most countries but not sure. Would be awesome if they did.

Dont know if BTC can 20x again, we'd need about $10-15 trillion to enter the market in the next few months. But we never know, the last few weeks of a bullrun is normally the crazest as it's when people are buying BTC which credit cards and remortgages, lol.

I am pretty new to the game so I don't have any real strong opinions. I have always felt that you should take some profit when things are bullish be it stocks, gambling or crypto but my lack of knowledge in past cycles doesn't really give me any idea at what point to make a move. I am okay with any decision made by those that know more than I do. :)

Personally I have so little BTC and ETH that I hate to part with any but if the prices keep going up I may look to at least get my initial investment back out.

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You've hit the nail on the head when you have profit, cash it out.

As fir cycle's, if you get a few minutes. Look at the BTC charts from Jan 13 - Jan 15 and then again at Jan 2017 and Jan 2019. I know your not a chart guy but you'll see the pattern between the 2. We're hoping things move in 3'sand bullrun will repeat.

I like to imagine that I have a high number, $1 Million, for example. However, as needs have cropped up, I've had to sell. This does not always happen at the best price. So, it isn't the price that causes me to sell. I'm stuck in an area where my BTC is a big money reserve. But, it's not so big that I can collateralize enough for the amounts that I need.

Fortunately, the same discipline that has helped me build up will serve me to rebuild after this last cash out. The goal is to have significant amounts that I can use to borrow cash without having to sell again.

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Yes, using your BTC for a loan would be much better but maybe your not there yet and your still building.

I think BTC will hit $1 million someday and then 1 million Euro and then £1 million :)

I can borrow against my BTC. Except there isn't much I can borrow with a 25% LTV for the lowest interest rate. I need to build more.

Selling in an uptrend is a hard thing to plan and do. I am in no way an investor other than the simple fact I have bought a few Hive Engine token with Hive. At one point I had, (I think) 7 ARCHONM tokens. The last one I bought cost me 60 Hive if I remember right. I sold one initially so I could get the next level Hivebuzz bee badge at 100 Hive. I then sold another to buy some LEO so I could buy some LBI and do a few other things with it, also sold for around 100 Hive. Then I saw ARCHONM was selling for 130 Hive and well I wanted more dhedge and hiveindex token so I sold one, and now have 4 left.

The 60 Hive was the most expensive Archonm I bought the first four were only 20 hive, and then one at 30 and one at about 50. My current wants are back to a slow growth of tokens, if I sold my last four Archonm's I could buy a lot of other tokens, but will I ever be able to afford another Achonm?

Eventually I will, my initial goal was to have 10 of them and wait and hold for a good profit, I think I did make a good profit. So the chance of me buying more is pretty slim, but I will still be looking.

If you feel that an adequate amount of profit has been made, then look at setting a sell price, not all of it needs to be sold, find in your heart where a sell price is and then sell just a part perhaps 1/4 of the total and then use that mark as other sales points come up. After all nothing says all of something needs to be sold in one basket.

Sounds like you want a little of everything. I'd focus on 1-2 tokens to invest in and stick with them. You'll always feel like your missing out when you see your friend's bags pump 200% and yours only pumped 50%. I think the hardest thing about investing is your mental state and having the discipline to stick to a plan.

i think selling half makes sense at the price target? it'd still allow room to buy make more if hits bottom, or sell of more if the goes high even further
and maybe earn some yield from staking the remaining.
i struggle myself from closing my positions - it's an ongoing battle of emotions.

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Selling off a percentage of our BTC could be done. When its all said and done, i'd like SPI to have 2 full Bitcoin.

The struggle is real, lots of people less gains cause they feeled connected to an investment. It's like me and my silver, it could go to $100 an oz and i'd only be interested in the GSR, lol

My moon would be when Bitcoin eats up all fiat currencies and vanish them from existence into outer space. That ambitious I am.

so, world reserve cash dividend by circulating BTC? Not sure we'll hit that number this bullrun, that might be 20-30 cycles down the line after me and you are gone assuming Elon has not figured a way to download our minds into USB drives before we die.

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Hopefully by 2050 we will be able to transfer our mind to the machines. Cheers champ.

lol, 2050 is the year i start getting pension payments from the government.

I could do 2050 :)