What should SPinvest look into for 2021?

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Hello everyone and happy Friday to you. As we come to the end of 2020 and 2021 only a few weeks away, what do you think SPinvest should get involved with next year?


Think back over 2020 briefly, Justin Sun, HIVE hard fork, Defi explosion and SPI tokens x4 in price. We've invested heavily into bitcoin and ETH, introduced EDS and recently LBI and increase weekly earnings 200%. Not a bad year when we think of it like this.

What do you think SPinvest needs to do in 2021?

The fund is set up for 2021 folks. The plan for our holdings during 2021 is to sit on them and wait until next December as I think that's around the time we will have decisions to make but the rest of the year? Let's get some feedback and idea's rolling around. What does SPinvest need? Keep in mind, we are limited to what we can do coding wise.

  • More tokens?
    Investment tokens, income tokens, farming tokens, higher risk tokens, stable token, gamified tokens are anything else.
  • Build/create something?
    website, game, provide a service/invent a service that does not exist
  • Look into wrapping SPI, EDS and LBI
Let's get some feedback going and get token holders engaging

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I would like to see us create niche magazines and provide jobs for writers.

Topics TBD

To make this profitable, each magazine would have an EDS type token, an ebook (or other product to sell) and a blog.

There would also be a marketing team beyond HIVE and Leofinance. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Our target audience would not be those of us who are already involved in HIVE, our target audience would come from anywhere else.

What pool of knowledge could we get together to sell? Finance? Fitness? Cooking? English Learning Classes? Parenting? Etc Etc Etc.

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I like the wrapping of things, mabie keep up the stockpile of ETH for that, it's a win-win holding all that ETH. I wish I was a game developer so I could make a better game than we have available to us right now. Some kind of a Mario type game or a shooter like Counterstrike.

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Cool , looks like a busy year ahead and busy is always good.

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I am not a good investor so not really good investment to give the right idea ... Maybe go look for DeFi or diversify on other Top 100 tokens ...

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Perhaps keep an eye out for new Index style funds being created that are of a similar nature as SPI and LBI and tie a few outside index funds in. SPI may have been one of the first of this type investment, but as with anything that works others may be joining the band wagon.