Why is it so hard to accumulate SPI tokens?

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SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club experiment open to all HIVE users. The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from hive-engine by search SPI.
SPinvest has a proven history of success

Hello, SPIer's. Today we are going to look into the current distribution of SPinvests flagship token SPI.


SPI tokens have been available for around 20 months, sold out and capped its token to 100,000 early last year and have been appreciating in value since based on its operation model. SPI tokens sit in 413 exchange wallets in total but to give a better number, the top 147 wallets hold a balance of 10 SPI or more which is the required amount to take part in SPI voting when it seldomly happens. For a project that is 20 months old and I think a lot of people will have heard about us by now, that's not very many. Why is that? How can SPI tokens be in such a small number of wallets while most people will agree it's a solid project.

Our success is our own worst enemy

Go to hive-engine and look at the sell wall for SPI tokens. There are about 3 SPI tokens for sell. Gosh darn it, we made our project so good people dont wanna sell their holdings. I should point out that SPI token price today is 6.69 HIVE so these are a bargain as well because the sellers have not updated their selling prices from HIVE corrected 40% yesterday. If these sell orders or still there this time tomorrow, SPinvest will buy them for discount and redistribute them via weekly dividends.


Why dont people sell them?

Because they are making bank, that's why. They took the risk with SPI tokens when the project was new and these are the rewards of getting in on ground level. Most SPI tokens are held by investors that bought in at 1-1.20 STEEM in the beginning and never sold. It's hard to sell something to you can see increases in value week in, week out through weekly earnings and holding reports and even harder when your ROI is increasing 2 ways through token price growth and weekly dividends. I understand the weekly dividend ROI is not great at the current SPI token price of 6.69 HIVE but most people as said below bought in for under 1.20 HIVE. This means that someone that bought into SPI, in the beginning, is getting a 6x better ROI for weekly dividends based on the buy-in price.

Please see the table below that shows what sort of ROI you receive on your SPI token holdings depending on what price you paid per token. I have shown 1 HIVE were most tokens were issued, 3 HIVE and today's price of 6.5 HIVE. It's easy to see why early SPI token holders have reason to HODL.


Remember that weekly dividend are based on earnings and not holdings. They are really just something to make SPI more attractive to new investors. The real growth in SPI tokens comes from its holdings. SPI tokens are backed by real-world assets that can be sold at a moments notice, everything expect powered up HIVE and LEO balances. The daily reported SPI token price is really a liquidation value meaning each of the 100k tokens issued could be bought back for that amount in HIVE or dollars. The SPI token price is not based on speculation.

For those that are unaware, SPI holds 5 figure $ balances in HIVE, LEO, BTC. ETH and Uniswap LP's. We hold lots of small investments worth a few hundred dollars here and there but these are our top 5 investments, all worth over $10k each. 2020 was a good year for us to say the least. SPI tokens raised about $13k in HIVE from issuing its token supply. Let's have a look at some wallet values based on current SPI prices after 20 months of work.


Will be ever have SPI wallets worth $100k+, maybe,.... ask in 5 years and we'll know.

Have you missed the boat?

No!!!! Buy a few here and there for a few months and you'll see why people HODL these. Not only will you get a weekly div but the value of the token should increase as well. I've never 1 time in 20 months heard someone say I should have sold my SPI token at this time to rebuy at another time. When the price in general only increase's this strategy does not work and HODLing is the best way to go.

You can't miss the boat on something that only increases over time. The people that bought in at the beginning are reaping the rewards of 20 months work. The people that invest today at 6.5 HIVE will be reaping the rewards of 44 months of work in 2 years time when the SPI token is likely to be valued at over 10 HIVE each based on its current growth trend for the past 12 months.

You think SPI is peaked out?

SPInvest is still growing and in 2 years from now, I would expect us to have our hands in more pies than we have today. SPinvest has just started to invest into funding tribes, we have LEO defi coming soon, project bank and tons of things that are not even released yet.

Still thinks it too late?

Head over to @lbi-token. It is SPI's LEO equivalent.

The LBI project is still only a few months old with it's token be priced at 1.10 LEO. If you feel you missed on the boat on SPI, which you have not but if you think you have, LBI is your second chance.

ViVa LA fook the banks!!

Power to the people!


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Well, you're certainly to be congratulated on your success! I'd say a large part of what makes the token so highly valued is simple scarcity. Hoping the @lbi-token follows right along!


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Hey Thanks, :)

LBI might take a little longer as SPI was started during the bear market so all our investments are doing very well at the minute. LBI might a few years longer bu the path is the same :)

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yup, when we were aiming to sell 1,000,000 sales were stagnant.

The only regret is not to have bought a lot more and more!!!😜

I think buying SPI from time to time is the valid option, at least that's what I'm doing.

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My question is only one: how do I get my hands on SPI tokens? I am still feeling quite lost in this ecosystem :)

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Hello, the best way to get some is putting in a buy order to the exchange. Here's is a link to the listing. https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=SPI
You check the daily SPI token price from this link - https://discord.gg/qtfuEWQC

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Thanks! I will buy more when I get my payouts from my posts :)


If that response is too vague let me know :)

If that response is too vague let me know :)

I didn't know we bought back under market SPI.

That's pretty genius - its like another trickle income stream.

Yep, buy them at a 25% discount and then re-issued them back out as dividends at full price :)

No trickle, it's saves us 12.5% of total earnings every week :) 12.5% extra to reinvest :) I agree with the genius part, thank you. lol

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