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RE: Introducing CUB Kingdoms | Cross-Platform Autocompounding Yield Vaults

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Quick question:
I created some DOT-BNB pool tokens


However, when I want to deposit them in the Kingdom, they are not recognised!


What did I miss?


CUB’s AMM is currently using V1 (we’ll upgrade it after the full kingdoms migration). See the details from the post above:

Note #2 This Kingdom utilizes Pancakeswap V2 (PCSv2) LP Tokens. You must use the PCS UI to deposit DOT-BNB into a liquidity pool and add those LP tokens to the Kingdom vault. There is a link to "Get DOT-BNB LP".

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This is more than annoying. Now I have to unstake and pay all the fees again? Thanks.

The post included details about the migration to PCSv2.

All of BSC will be migrated eventually (most already have). Better to get it out of the way now