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Analytics and performance indicators are one of the most important focal points when it comes to growing any business or community. Thanks to @cadawg, we’ve found and setup a way for everyone in the LeoFinance community to get involved with the core mission of bringing in new users and ad revenue to the suite of LeoApps and websites.

Our core mission at LeoFinance is to grow our community and grow the userbase of the broader Hive blockchain ecosystem. To do that, we need to bring more awareness about our platform to the outside world. One way that we're growing our community is through a rewards and ad redistribution through the LEO token economy.

All of the LeoApps bringing in ad revenue, buying LEO and burning it off the market. You can track the ad revenue account @leoads or view our latest ad revenue report.

The Value of Traffic

The value of traffic coming into the LeoFinance ecosystem from outside of the Hive ecosystem is vital to our growth (and to the growth of Hive itself). Not only does it bring in more ad revenue, it also allows us to market to a broader audience and onboard new users. We've had success lately in utilizing the hiveonboard tool to refer new users and will also implement our own guest account features and onboarding process into our new interface.

Simple Analytics

As I mentioned before, @cadawg helped us set up Simple Analytics on all of the LeoApp websites. There are 3 core features that I like about Simple Analytics over other tracking software:

  1. Privacy-sparing analytics (as opposed to over-the-top tracking by services like google analytics)
  2. The statistics are easy to read and presented.. simply (as the name suggests)
  3. The statistics are publicly available (anyone with the link can view the real-time traffic and historical traffic of our sites)

#1 is extremely valuable in the crypto industry as many people are focused on digital privacy. #2 and #3 are especially important for a community like LeoFinance because it gets the community involved. Now you can see the impact of things like tweeting our your articles, emailing links to people, social campaigns, etc.

How to Read the Stats

4 of our sites are hooked up to Simple Analytics. You can view each of them by clicking (and bookmarking, if you like) the links:


When you go to one of the links, you'll see a page that looks like the above image. Note that we just set up the analytics about a week ago, so it will take time to populate more useful data.

If you scroll down, you'll see more specific data. Referrals indicate where traffic is coming from and top pages indicate where that traffic is flowing to.

Traffic Referrals

If you click on one of the traffic referral names (i.e. Twitter), you'll see a new page showing specifically which Tweets sent us the most traffic. This is one of my favorite pieces of data to look at as we can see who is tweeting links and getting traffic back to the site.

I'll be going through this list periodically and giving out bounties + larger upvotes to users who regularly refer traffic back into LeoFinance. We may create a program in the future that distributes bounties automatically based on site referrals, but for now it will be a case-by-case manual distribution.

Get Involved and Grow the Community

The hope is that with these tools at your disposal, you can track your activities on and off LeoFinance even better. For every member of this community that continues to contribute great content and engagement, we can now see the effects of our actions.

LeoFinance is all about community, engagement and ownership. We all have a stake in the success of this platform, so why not be able to track the trends and see it grow & succeed over time as we put in the hours to grow the traffic, grow the ad revenue, grow the userbase, improve the token economy, etc. etc.

Shoutout to everyone who's been making an effort to post in our community and share links to the outside world. It's having a massive impact and I hope that this is yet another way for you to see the impact that you're having 🦁

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Majority desktop/laptop views? That's pretty interesting.

I guess that shows that 1, mobile support isn't great and 2, we have a very technical user base.

Posted Using LeoFinance

I found that interesting as well. Mobile isn't amazing - that's for sure.

I personally utilize the site on mobile regularly but mostly for reading and some comments. When I sit down to focus on doing some engagement/posting/read several articles, I prefer doing it from my desktop. I assume most on Hive/LeoFinance have a similar mindset.

We also do have a very technical userbase, so it makes sense on both fronts. Our new interface will have a WAY better mobile experience

Posted Using LeoFinance

"Our new interface will have a WAY better mobile experience"

That would be awesome? Any idea when the new interface will be available?

Likewise myself, my engagements are mostly done with my laptop. My mobile is just for reading posts especially when I'm off the home or office.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Very nice! It's also good to see some traffic from search engines despite the young age of the domain. With time I think se traffic will do miracles for the ad revenue :D

Posted Using LeoFinance

@uyobong at the top of LeoFinance referrers ! Congrats mate

Posted Using LeoFinance

Thanks mate.

Odds are that Brave users are being read as Chrome.

I dont see Brave anywhere on the list.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Could it be due to shields?

Posted Using LeoFinance


Yep let's grow this thing.

Quite a solid tool to help us track our growth and see the very active channels that are bring new users to LeoFinance DApps. This would help the modelling of onboarding systems for the good of the community.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Great idea! Now add @hiveonboard referral program and public stats... Makes it even better :)

Will this analytics will be able to monitor the traffic coming apart from twitter.

I think we can try publish0x also.Since the audience there already know crypto, I think we can get the userbase from there too.

Posted Using LeoFinance

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|Interesting . I like this

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