V2 Full Release | Track Pending Payouts and Voter Breakdown

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We're really happy to see both the development progress of Hivestats as well as the adoption of the site taking off. In the past 20 days, we've completed our entire V2 roadmap and have seen an exponential growth in the number of daily users on

As we close the book on V2, we're already putting together a finalized roadmap for the next version.


  1. New Pending Payouts feature is now available
  2. Full list of completed changes in V2 of Hivestats
  3. Tentative V3 roadmap and asking for your feedback
  4. The # of daily users on Hivestats continues to grow
  5. Expanded team = full LeoFinance roadmap coming soon with the announcement of 2 new projects under development

New Pending Payouts Feature with Voter Breakdowns

You can now track your pending payouts on the Hive blockchain by going to Hivestats and clicking the "Rewards" tab. From there, select pending and then your rewards will be loaded from the blockchain.

Note: The process of loading your pending payouts can take some time if you have made a lot posts or curated a lot of posts. The indicator may show "Loading..." for a long period of time if your account is highly active. This is normal and once your data is loaded, the page will automatically populate. In the next version of Hivestats, we'll be adding better loading indicators and also improving the backend so that all Hive data loads faster.

Pending Payouts on Hivestats

Voter Breakdown on Hivestats

V2 Roadmap Is Now Complete

We made quick work of the V2 roadmap and completed all 5 phases of the upgrade in just 20 days. If you want to see all of the changes we made in V2, you can read the development updates that we've posted over the past few weeks:

  1. Page Speed, UI & Initial Roadmap
  2. Hive Keychain + Hive-Engine Integration
  3. Account Growth Analytics + Wallet UI

Completed changes:

  1. Page Performance
    1. Reduce Page Load
    2. Explore Other Performance Enhancements
  2. Hive-Engine Integration
    1. Token Table
    2. Token Functions
    3. Token Operations Tab
    4. Rewards Tab
  3. Analytics Page
    1. 7-30 Day Account Performance (Author Rewards/Curation Rewards/Account Growth, etc.)
    2. 4 KPI Widgets
    3. Historical Charts
  4. Wallet UI
    1. Hive Keychain Integration
    2. Hive/HBD Real-Time Price Widgets
    3. Account Creation Features - Ability to Create & Claim Hive Accounts On Hivestats
  5. Pending Payouts TabAdded Today
    1. Author Rewards for Posts & Comments
    2. Vote Breakdown Charts
    3. Curation Rewards: Sortable Chart With Efficiency Displays

V3 Roadmap: Open for Community Feedback

We're in the process of finalizing a roadmap for V3, but we need your help. As I've said before, we're building Hivestats for the users of Hive and the best way to do that is to hear your suggestions for bug fixes & new features.

The upcoming changes are primarily focused on making the site faster and reducing the load on the user's browser.

Our tentative roadmap for the next upgrade looks like this and we are actively adding your suggestions before finalizing it and moving to the development stage. You can drop suggestions in a comment on this post or in our Discord Server:

  1. Add a Dark Mode Option
    1. Toggle to switch between dark mode and light mode
  2. Page Performance
    1. reduce asset size: js / css / images, review packages such as steem.js / dsteem, etc.
    2. load history data incrementally with a smaller step
    3. improve caching of historical data
  3. Optimize for Mobile
    1. Website is currently "mobile-friendly" but not mobile-optimized
    2. Better data visualization (mobile tables, etc.)
    3. Mobile menu
  4. Hive data backend
    1. Explore existing API solutions or create our own backend database solution (will reduce page load and enhance data availability)
  5. Improved "Loading..." status indicator
    1. Add a better indication for the user when data is loading from the chain
  6. Small UI bug fixes
    1. Profile bug (showing incorrect profile data for certain users/broken profile img)

The Userbase of Hivestats Continues to Grow

The entire Hivestats website has only been live for just over 1 month and we've seen a steady growth of users. We can use a kind of TA mindset when we look at the number of users and see that with each official post about Hivestats, tweet, etc. we're seeing a major spike in users and then a leveling off to set higher lows for daily usage of the site.

Having more regular users on the site benefits the LEO economy (thanks to the LeoAds program), but it also benefits the Hive blockchain by adding a layer of gamification and ultimately a tool that makes Hive and Hive data more accessible to everyone. Don't forget to tell your Hive friends about Hivestats!

Full LeoFinance Roadmap

After doing this roadmap for Hivestats, we've decided to put together a full roadmap for all of the LeoFinance apps. I'm currently working with the devs on 2 entirely new projects for Hive and we are also working on new versions for the existing Hivestats, LeoDex & LeoFinance sites.

Needless to say, we're going to be rolling out major updates & projects for the rest of this year and we'll put out a more long-term roadmap/vision so that you can follow along as we buidl.

steemleo black token divider.png

Our Community:

LeoFinance is an online community for crypto & finance. We run several projects that are powered by Hive and the LEO token economy:

Track Hive DataBlog & Earn LEOOur Twitter
Trade Hive TokensLearn & ContributeHive Witness


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Love the pending payouts feature. Amazing work done with Just when I thought the website was great enough, it just got even better. :P

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Thanks @zemiatin1! Always looking for ways to improve it. We'll keep trying to surprise you 🦁

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Certainly would become a top DApp on Hive blockchain.

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Spread the Word about Hivestats on Twitter

If you retweet our update about Hivestats and add a comment talking about the site, we'll throw some Hivetips your way ;)

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free money? count me in!

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Rebloged. Retweeted

Thankyou so much for this amazing development I love the pending payout feature. I'm waiting for this since starting of this project and APR feature is also outstanding

My mouth is left literally opened as I read this update. This is a huge work. I'm encouraged the more to support this community and spread more news about it.

I was yet to make a review of the last update, now I'll sync with this.


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I am looking forward to the full roadmap and to see what the plans are for the rest of the year.

So far, since the switch to Hive, the LEO ecosystem has really expanded.

Exciting times for the LEO community.

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How are related "Curation APR" and "Efficiency in Curation"?
Mine, at this moment, are 13.7% and 103.94%. Are these percentages good?

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It's an awesome project, and even better after you implemented darkmode 😊

Hive Stats is great, but what I'd really like to see is a breakdown of earnings by different Hive-engine tokens rather than all of them being counted together, as I think is the case now.

Also a percentage return for curations would be good for the HE tokens, as you've got with Hive, I do like that!

And maybe some kind of funky spread tool where it shows you the proportion of earnings in Hive and HE tokens?

All good stuff!

Posted Using LeoFinance

Would love to see a Leo power display as well.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Good to see this big and persistent progress. THANKS!

I'm loving this tool, super stuff👌

Do you guys even sleep?

That's good

Let's all hope it works great this time. :)

Pretty nice update. I like interface which is detailed and user-friendly.

This is a really great project

Congrats, looks great. Nice to have a good alternative to what Steem World offered. Good job!

Is there anywhere you're getting people to report any bugs? Seen a few small things, not sure if they're duplicates or where they would be useful for you 👍

Great stuff guys, loved all the new features

Great tool already. I missed the start of leofinance and only now discovered you have a (prefered) front end portal called Although the link is in the header of hivestats I never really noticed it was a link. Maybe add some text : Like "hit this link for our posting portal! "

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You have our witness votes, thanks for making a great tools like this. Its better than SteemWorld that most of the Steem users loved before.

cool just tried this feature and exploring it. Nice to know there's pending payout tracker too.

I like this Hivestats tool. Keep up the good work!

hey @steem.leo the website is working greatly thanks for that. Perhaps another feature you could add is the amount of $ given by each voter...

i.e. I have created a post and at the minute X yourself voted my post with the 25% of your voting power... could you please add on the same row how much correspond that % in $ please? That probably would help a lot.

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I'm a bit late for the party but here I am with two suggestions.
I'd like curation time with decimals and reputation with three decimals if possible. The first one would help a lot to learn about out activity, while the second one is just to inform us, but it would be nice to have it.