SPI Airdrop Completed and Development Update on the New LeoFinance.io

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The SPI airdrop was completed yesterday. If you're a LEO hodler and you had more than 1,000 LEO POWER at the time of the snapshot, you received SPI based on how much LEO you've got staked.

There was a small error in the original airdrop script that we ran (it wasn't properly converted from Steem to Hive). So our first airdrop actually only went out to stakeholders on Steem and not on Hive.

This caused an obvious issue where new stakeholders that came to LEO after the transition to Hive were missed on the airdrop and some previous stakeholders got the wrong amount. The script was fixed and then a second round of airdrops went out to correct it.

The good news is that everyone got their SPI at the end of the day - a few people who were prior LEO stakeholders probably also got a few extra SPI that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. We also got to work out the kinks in our airdrop script since this was the first one that we've deployed on the Hive blockchain.

If you want to run an airdrop either to LEO stakeholders or to any other group of individuals on Hive, you can contact the LEO team on Discord and we'll help you run an airdrop.

We chose to airdrop the SPI token because it's a great project and one that is actively raising the value of their token. SPI hodlers also get paid a HIVE daily dividend which is a pretty cool mechanism for anyone on this blockchain.

If you want to learn more about SPI, I recommend reading the following:

  1. https://leofinance.io/hive-167922/@jk6276/a-bit-of-info-for-new-spi-holders
  2. https://leopedia.io/spinvest-a-tokenized-investment-club-on-hive/

In Other News

We've got a few different projects that we're currently working on. One of the major points of focus at the moment is the new Hive-LeoFinance blogging interface that we're building.

The first version of this interface will look similar to PeakD but will focus on LeoFinance content and will have other financial displays (similar to our current interface).

This new interface will be much faster, much more dynamic and will be a clean slate that we can build upon. As opposed to the current https://leofinance.io which is built on Steemit's condenser and is extremely difficult to innovate on top of.

With the new interface - similar to how we rolled out https://Hivestats.io - we'll start with a simple version and quickly add new modules/features that the community requests. From there, we'll keep creating development scopes and add to the site over time.

The development plan for LeoFinance V1 is as follows:

As of right now, we've finished iteration #1 which was to design the interface and scope out the development phase. We're now on iteration #2 which is the beginning of the development phase itself. Stay tuned for development updates!

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Great to get an airdrop but have a question - an account holding 1050 LEO got 0,27 SPI while an account with 1005 staked LEO recieved only 0,13 SPI, looks a bit strange - can you enlighten me on the stats?

Posted Using LeoFinance

I got 3 spi for 856 Leo oddly enough...

hmmm - strange algo then :-(

Posted Using LeoFinance

It's obviously an error, it went first to Steem and in so doing I think it credited me for a Past Balance.

I'm #1 in SPI holdings and I'd rather see wider distribution and community.

Posted Using LeoFinance

What is your Other Account?

that is me. Who to talk to at LEO? Good Marketing for buying LEO it was - the airdrop is a joke if not an error

Probably an error, like they said above. Bad blockchain algo.
I was with LEO from early on, and if the algo paid out the long
time holders, pre-Hive, then that explains it. But they said it
was in error and corrected. Having a finite and very limited

of SPI makes those kind of mistakes crucial.

Try contacting @steem.leo

Thanks mate - will check them over the weekend

Looking forward to the new interface. It should enable Leofinance to add more to the site than presently under condensor.

I am very excited to see what comes out in the next few weeks/months.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Yeah I'm excited. It will let us do all sorts of great things that make LeoFinance grow to the next level including ideas like a newsletter, gathering an email list and overall bringing in a wider readership to Leo/Hive content

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SPI Hodlers get a WEEKLY Dividend, but other than that little correction, Great Article!!!


PS: What the WOOF? I have 3+ SPI more than I had,
your little Steem/Hive error must have seen a prior balance of LEO,
I sold some and wished I had HELD! 🤦‍♂️

wow correction was needed. That I didn't know. Hope no one lost money. I am here to make money!

Posted Using LeoFinance

Honored and excited to be with you!
I am sure that great things are before us :) and I look forward to the new interface.
(If you need an extra pair of eyes before it goes live, let me know)

Posted Using LeoFinance

ditto to that. I want to see it if I can!

Posted Using LeoFinance

It's really amazing to watch this community take on an identity of its own and gain some traction where most Steem-Engine/Hive-Engine tokens have not. A better user interface and posting environment should definitely help not only build LeoFinance, but also continue to establish its unique identify as a stand-alone community. Exciting times!


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Wow Leo is just jumping, i would like to work leo..

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The already present interface is impeccable I wonder what the new one will be like. Cheers such a huge development going on with Leo

Posted Using LeoFinance

Bring on the new interface. If I’m honest, it’s been such a slog using the current one when you know what PeakD can do.

What I’m really interested in, are the potential additions you’re making to improve SEO. All of the meta tags that you can add to posts and images through PeakD really help, so I’m looking forward to that.

One question I do have, is can anything be done to the URLs as we go forward? Are we stuck with /hive-12345 at the beginning of created URLs from LeoFinance? This is a bit of an issue as for example on my posts, it would be much more beneficial to have /forex at the beginning.

Finally, you talk about a potential email newsletter. Do you have a current email list of all users anywhere like Steemit had when we first signed up? Or this would be starting from scratch as of now?

Posted Using LeoFinance

I’ve staked a little over 1k but no airdrop, oh well...

cool another 2 SPI added to my stack... was not expecting that so I am happy with that...

keep up the growth and we will all benefit

hey, there does anyone know about Leo token airdrop?

Posted Using LeoFinance

I can't believe I missed this amazing airdrop. My family may have been able to cash it and avoid the leaves they are eating to avoid starvation. SPI is going to be what I buy with my Leo.

I really think Leo will go to the moon. I hope my posts on leo will make me prosper. How are you all making so much leo. It's crazy how much Leo some people have.

Posted Using LeoFinance