SteemLeo’s Future “Under the Sun" + Quickstart Guide to Steem(Leo) For Tron Users

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It is in everyone’s best interest to bring the Steem blockchain to fruition on the major visions and goals that we have had for the past 3 years. Everyone — Justin Sun, Tron, Steemians, Steemit… We all have the same objective. Now we have a leader (Justin Sun) who is interested in the project and has the resources and marketing know-how to take Steem to the next level.

As we approach the release date of communities (possibly in the next 2 weeks) and also the release of the long-awaited SMTs (not to be confused with MSTs or MSGs) — I think it’s more important now than ever before to have a solid marketing engine. We all knew that the launch of SMTs and communities could bring a lot of new/old Steem users to the platform, but now with Justin Sun here to help us market the launches, the potential reach is even greater.

With all of this said, I am remaining cautiously optimistic. Steemleo will continue on no matter what happens, but I see this as an incredible opportunity to bring in new users both to Steemleo and to the Steem community as a whole.

Although they don’t make as much noise as we do, I believe Tron has a lot of users of all different walks of life.

I believe that we as a Steem community should rally together and welcome this massive potential user base into the gates of Steem. Communities like SteemLeo are the perfect way to onboard new users and inundate them with a core group of users who are like-minded.

In other words, we have a new river of potential users to that we can catch and bring into Steem(Leo). All we need is a good net.

Here’s our net:


It’s a simple landing page for anyone who’s coming from Tron and looking into Steem.

There is a primary video that is about 20 minutes long. It covers:

  1. How to Create a Steem Account
  2. How to Save & Secure Your Private Keys
  3. How to Reset Your Private Keys
  4. How to Install & Use The Steem Keychain Browser Extension
  5. Recommended Steem dApps to Try Out
  6. How to Use as a Blogging Platform and a Means to Introducing Yourself to Steem

I have also chopped these segments up and they will be regularly posted across different social channels (i.e. Twitter) as bite-sized chunks aimed at capturing more attention from potential Tron users.

Overall, I see this whole situation as a great opportunity. We should all remain cautiously optimistic, but we should couple that with our fierce Steemian vigor and aim to make the most of this opportunity to bring in new users to our community and our entire platform on the Steem blockchain.

If we want to make a great Steem omelette, we need to break a few eggs. Progress is made by radical change and I believe that Justin Sun is bringing us radical change. Let’s do our part to make that change a positive one.

p.s. the 3speak video is encoding and should be up shortly on @khaleelkazi

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An excellent resource for any newcomer to the platform and any tribe on Steem. Love the effort you are putting into welcoming potential new users.

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Great way to start-off Steem-Tron partnership. I think this should have been the way to start instead of the earlier panic messages we got.

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Awesome @steem.leo. This is 100x better than whining about things we can't control. Nice work! Tweeted for what it's worth.

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Will you be making another video on how to upload products to the leo store?

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Nailed it.

Absolutely can't wait to start poking around and maybe I should hop on the Tron Network as well...