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RE: Just found £188 ($250) down the side of the sofa

in LeoFinance5 months ago

Those are some good savings! It can be worth reviewing your outgoings.

We get the weekend Guardian via subscription too. Unfortunately our nearest shop never seems to have any, so we have to go further afield. It can take me a few days to read everything of interest. We sometimes get the Observer too, but it can all be a bit much sometimes.

I will have to order some more coffee from White Rose soon.

Will some of your savings go into HIVE or other crypto?


I thought about the weekend subscription but I would never get through it! I usually read it in the evening now, after other things have been done. I have to go and get it early otherwise both of the nearest outlets will have sold out.

I'm glad that White Rose dooes the 250g packages and I would prefer to buy from a small business in the UK rather than supermarket chains and large scale suppliers.

I want to diversify my cryptos a bit - some Bitcoin, some others, maybe some second-layer Hive tokens, I love my SPIs 😁