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I have talk a lot of times at the past for @cryptobrewmaster hive blockchain game and the opportunities to ear some juicy hive from it.
Ατ the early stages of the game it was much easier to brew good beers and sell them for a good share but as the game evolves and new buildings are added and new upgrades the flow of the game has become very difficult.
Αs you can see in the picture above the buildings that have been added are enough and of course each of the above buildings you need to rent it for several cbm and make your own ingredients, using them in the next building to prepare the rest.
So the cost goes up significantly and many times you can get lost.
So my strategy on how to win has changed lately and now I do not spend any cbm in the game and I try to get only the free ingredients and with them to brew my beers.
Of course, my profit is negligible, but at least I am not a loser.

Today i had a gift from the game.I compose some neutral and good ingredients and for my surprise i craft a Excellent Bella wheat IPA which i can sell it for 50,77 CBM

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I had a lot of time ago to earn a good beer.Thanks @cryptobrewmaster !
If you want to start this game you can use my refferal link
and start brewing your own beers!

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