How much LP is your target?

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I have been in the @leofinance community for quite some time now and I try as much as I can to make daily posts, share my votes and read as many posts as possible.

Unfortunately due to professional obligations and also due to family obligations I can not spend as much time as I would like on the platform.
My main goal from the beginning that I started to deal with Leo was to be able to get as much as possible and staked them so as to create a strong account.

So in the beginning with the help of always my good friends @cryptomaniacsgr and @trumpman I started posting and earning leo. But after a while I felt the need to invest in what I started building. So I made my first purchase. One purchase brought the other and my account grew slowly alongside the development of @leofinance.
At the moment my account has about 8000 leo of which about 6000 are stacked.
Of these 8000 leo about 3000 leo are purchased (at a very good low lever price) and the rest are earns from posts and curations.
I have invested a large part in the pool of @wleo and also another piece in @lbi .
My initial goal was to reach 5000 leo power but that changed in the course. After I overcame my first goal my desire became even stronger to get as much as I can. Now I am very close to my second goal which is 10000 leo power.
And of course I will not stop there. At some point I would like to reach 50000 leo power but now it seems very difficult but not impossible !!!

I will keep trying wherever it comes out.

Tell me about your LP target...

How much would you be satisfied with?

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i have 1400 lp and my goal for 2021 is to increase that number to 5000, which is tough and most likely not gonna happen but i will try!

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I hope you can achieve all of your goals this year. A lot of cool things will come for LeoFinance in the coming months.

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